This week I have Josh Smallbone, President of Premiere Collectibles to talk about how the autograph and rare book industry works online. With a unique business model of having limited inventory as an online retailer, tune in to hear how they differentiate themselves as the #1 seller of these books.

Topics Discussed:

02:20 - Background of Premiere Collectibles
04:00 - Sourcing inventory of autographed books
05:30 - Sales process of sourcing inventory
07:00 - Dealing with sports stars and autographs
07:40 - Pricing of autographed books, supply and demand
09:45 - Competing with Amazon
10:15 - Rare books vs autographed books
11:30 - Profile of collectors and avid fans
12:30 - How the market has changed for independent retailers
13:30 - Exclusivity as a competitive advantage
15:38 - Building relationships with the top book publishers
17:40 - Two-pronged approaches to relationship leverage
19:00 - Strategy for building relationships with B2B contacts
21:00 - Certificate of authenticity and auto-pens
24:50 - Setting aside inventory as future investments
25:45 - What happens when inventory runs out
27:30 - Limitations of the business model
30:20 - Insurance on the products
34:30 - Importance of having a strong customer list
35:00 - Lifetime value of a customer for Premiere Collectibles

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