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Your Time Is Up (Aired August 20, 1964)

Theater Five probably came a bit late in ABC's Radio History to really contribute to the body of Golden Age Radio drama, but better late than never. Some have implied that Theater Five was a rather lightweight attempt to recapture the wonderful Radio heritage of the Golden Age of Radio. I suppose this should be considered a Golden Age Revival series in that respect. But in all fairness to ABC Radio, this was never a half-hearted attempt by any means. The production values, polish, direction, sound engineering, and acting were all top notch. Indeed many of the finest voice talents from The Golden Age of Radio are present throughout its run. The variety of dramatic genre represented with its 260 production broadcasts also run the gamut of the rich variety of drama presented during the height of the Golden Age of Radio. Indeed very little is missing from this remarkable production run. The variety of dramatic presentations was one of Theater Five's most compelling features.


August 20, 1964. ABC network. "Your Time Is Up". Commercials deleted. The system cue has been deleted. Raphael David Blau (writer), Warren Somerville (director), Natalie Priest, Betty Walker, Paul McGrath, Norman Rose, Neal Pultz (audio engineer), Ed Blainey (sound technician), Fred Foy (announcer), Jack C. Wilson (script editor), Alexander Vlas-Daczenco (composer), Glenn Osser (conductor), Edward A. Byron (executive producer). 21:34. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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