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The Debt Collector (Aired December 24, 1946)

Under the editorial guidance of Author-Publisher George Palmer Putnam, and adapted for radio by its most distinguished writers and scripters, "Favorite Story" has succeeded in retaining the force and flavor of whole volumes in thirty tense and absorbing minutes. The stories are adapted and scripted by two of radio's top writers, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. "Favorite Story" also has the distinction of being one of the best orchestred radio shows—the musical background being supplied by a fifteen piece orchestra under the direction of Claude Sweeten, whose name has become a by-word in radio. "Favorite Story" musical background is one of Hollywood's favorite composers of dramatic music. Mr. Colman who will be heard regularly on "Favorite Story" is known to millions of movie goers for his magnificent leading roles in such movies as "Arrowsmith", "Tale of Two Cities", "Random Harvest" and the all-time fictional favorite story, "The Late George Apley". What is classic, semi-classic, legend or fantasy? The selected favorites of notable public figures of today will be heard on this new program. Many more won't know until they have heard Ronald Colman, best known and loved for his vibrant, persuasive voice and his exquisite diction, combine his talent with that of an all-star cast for his roles on "Favorite Story". Show Notes From The Digital Deli.


December 24, 1946. Program #27. KFI, Los Angeles origination, Ziv syndication. "The Debt Collector". Commercials added locally. The "favorite story" of Van Johnson. Ronald Colman (host), Maurice Level (author), Tom Tully (narrator), Tony Barrett, Claude Sweeten (composer, conductor), Jerome Lawrence (adaptor, director, producer), Robert E. Lee (aptor, director, producer). 28:00. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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