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Rainy Night Murder (1956) *The Exact Date Is Unknown

Drawn from the dramatic files of Steve Grainger is a Private detective whose cases involve him in crime and misdemeanor of every description, from murder to robbery to smuggling. Mutual aired the first show July 23, 1956 on Monday nights at 8:30 pm. The final broadcast was on Frebruary 25, 1957. It was a half hour action filled series of shows that featured private eye Steve Granger operating in New York City. In his investigations Steve Granger cooperates with the police and the FBI and other authorities and can always rely on assistance from his friend Cal Hendricks, a newspaperman, who is only too ready to help - provided he gets his story.


1956. "Rainy Night Murder" - Mutual network. Commercials deleted. A terrified young woman runs into the arms of Steve Grainger, convinced she witnessed a murder and was being followed by the predator. 25:06. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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