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Lot 132 (Starring Vincent Price) 1973

The format varied only slightly over it's various run extensions. It should be noted that in all extant recordings, the series is introduced as "The Price . . . of Fear", intentionally underscoring both the connection with Vincent Price himself, as well as the clever Either the newsreader or Vincent Price, himself, would introduce the production, Price would provide a bit of personal exposition regarding the story to follow, and would segue into the script. At the end of the script, Price would wrap up the piece in the same first-person manner and various BBC newsreaders would announce the credits. Vincent Price personalized every episode with either first-person asides or through the fictional artifice of portraying the story of the evening as having a personal connection to his past. Price, and the producers, recognized the almost universal connection between Price and the macabre dramas that preceded The Price of Fear. While it's clear that the personal connection was contrived for the series, there was just enough of Vincent Price's own multidisciplinary past included in each expository narrative to make each episode all the more personally compelling for the listener. It was a brilliant stroke to interweave Price's own history of dramatic portrayals of the macabre in creating a more personal connection with the audience. Show Notes From The Digital Deli.

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