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It's Dismal To Die (Aired January 12, 1947) Part 3 of 3

The title of this series refers to the writer and director of the show, Carlton E. Morse. There were 52 episodes of this thirty-minute adventure series featuring a San Francisco detective, Captain Bart Friday, and his sidekick, Skip Turner. Captain Friday and Skip roamed the world together seeking danger and solving mysteries. The stories told bordered on the supernatural, though there was usually a rational explanation for the superbly written terror-chillers.


January 12, 1947. Program #52. Carlton E. Morse Productions syndication. "It's Dismal To Die" Part 3 of 3. Commercials added locally. Episode #3. "Bad Medicine For The Doctor." The end of the Nazi underground railroad. The last show of the series. Russell Thorson, Carlton E. Morse (producer, director, writer), Barton Yarborough, Gayne Whitman (announcer). 25:54. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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