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Return Trip (Aired September 5, 1949)

Murder By Experts was a radio drama anthology series that ran on American radio from 1949-1951, and was hosted first by John Dickson Carr, and later by Brett Halliday. Evidently, a mystery, authored by a leading crime fiction writer, was presented, and "guest experts," such as Alfred Hitchcock or Craig Rice, were invited to solve it. Or maybe not -- nobody seems to know much about this one. David Kogan, the writer/creator of Murder by Experts, also created and wrote The Mysterious Traveler. Guest experts: Alfred Hitchcock, Craig Rice. Guest stars: Ann Shepard, Larry Haines, Carl Eastman, Ann Sheperd, Bill Zuckert, Ralph Camargo, Burt Cullen, Lawson Zerbe, Marilyn Erskin.


September 5, 1949. Mutual network. "Return Trip". Sustaining. The chilling story about an escaped homicidal maniac and a bus full of people trapped by an avalanche. The program has also been dated September 5, 1949. John Dickson Carr (host). 30:49. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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