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Worlds Apart (Aired November 12, 19500)

2000 AD (2000 Plus) is known as the first of the network science fiction shows, although it ran on Mutual just a month prior to the introduction of the landmark series, Dimension X. It was a half hour of science fiction wonder in an exciting package. The stories have a charm that is always present in science fiction of the future that is written in the past. "When The Worlds Met" takes place "at the giant space port in Washington, temporary capitol of the federated world government as in April 21, 2000 Plus 20 (2020) crowds throng as audio and televox networks cover a space ship carrying in its space hold the first load of uranium taken from the pits of Luna, satellite of Earth.


November 12, 1950. Mutual network. "Worlds Apart". Sustaining. An excellent story about a space-ship landing on a very, very strange planet. The system cue has been deleted. William Griffis, Sherman H. Dreyer (producer), Ralph Bell, Gregory Morton, Robert Weenolsen (producer). 28:06. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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