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S3E11 Appearances Versus Reality
July 31, 2019

We’re always told “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Welp, we are ignoring this advice and going for it. A lot of work goes into cover design and drawing people in, so what happens when we just let it happen?

S3E10: Australia murders and a hot place to live
July 04, 2019

  What we’re reading This week, Cori and Kyrie continue down the detective/murder mystery/what the hell is happening genre. The Dry follows Federal Agent Aaron Falk as he arrives in his hometown for the first time in decades to attend the funeral of hi...

S3E9: A Podcast About a Podcast
June 12, 2019

What We Are Reading Cori asked that we go down the genre rabbit hole that is police and detective procedurals.  Really, it’s just a subgenre of the suspense and mystery genre. After several failed attempts,

S3E8: Exploring Mysterious Alaskan Frontiers
May 29, 2019

Today, we discuss Cori’s historical fiction pick, To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey.  In part, picked to continue reading stuff already on the shelf, Cori was drawn to this beautiful hardcover edition she found on sale while visiting the Ta...

S3E7: Does Love Conquer All?
April 25, 2019

This week we’re exploring the world of historical fiction where we are transported to the most infamous of the German concentration camps of World War II. But before we dive into that, we’re doing our usual tea drinking and food noshing!

S3E6: Midwest Food Adventures
April 11, 2019

This week, we’re continuing to explore one of Cori’s favorite genres of foodie fiction! So, let’s talk about the tea we’re drinking and the food we’re eating to go along with another food themed read. What We’re Eating and Drinking Kyrie is finishing u...

S3E5: Family Recipe Heirlooms
March 20, 2019

Welcome back book friends! We’re here, eating, drinking, and reading all the best books for you to check out (and to make your mouth water). This week, we’re exploring one of Cori’s favourite genres of foodie type things! So,

S3E4: A Russian Fairy Tale
February 27, 2019

Technical Problems Update Hey book friends!  We have heard that the recent quality of our episodes is not up to par.  It seems a setting got changed on our microphone without us noticing. Our bad!  So listen hard,

S3E3: Odin, Thor, Loki, oh my!
February 06, 2019

This week on Books and Tea, we explore the genre of folklore, mythology, and fairytales. As a new type of genre for Kyrie, she was eager to find something that may spark her interest. Meanwhile, Cori has been a lover of this genre for most of her life,...

S3E2: Dark of Winter Squared
January 23, 2019

Welcome back listeners (and readers) to the second episode of season 3 and of 2019! Did you miss us cause we missed recording for ya! We are going to wrap up the theme of Dark of Winter with Cori’s pick, but first!