Brick Moon Fiction - BMF Podcast

Brick Moon Fiction - BMF Podcast

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Storm of Souls by Eric Del Carlo
April 16, 2019

We’ve been wanting to release some stories set in the world of First Responders – firefighters, police officers, EMTs etc. An homage to people who run […]

Cancer Kids by Lauren A. Forry
March 26, 2019

And we saved the darkest for last. Lauren A. Forry has contributed to Brick Moon from the beginning. She never fails to impress, but we have […]

Rat, Sharp Tooth, Sky by Sam French
March 13, 2019

When we release a new Sam French short story, it feels like we should be sounding an air-raid siren so you have time to emotionally prepare […]

The Gods Below by JB Toner
March 05, 2019

The madness continues! Brand new story from a brand new writer (to us) from a brand new anthology! Our latest publication One Nation InDivisible: Election Day […]

Eva and Adolf’s Last Mixtape by Eric Del Carlo
February 20, 2019

Here at Brick Moon we are all about giving you a glimpse into the future. This time we take a peek into the year 2020, election […]

The Bunker by Jason D’Aprile
February 07, 2019

Brand new month – brand new theme. This time we wanted to peer into the future by about two years. This begins a series of stories […]

Meatless Fridays by Eric Del Carlo
January 29, 2019

How much do we love Eric Del Carlo? Well, a lot. When we come up with our prompts, one of the first thoughts is, “What will […]

Uncle Raymond Has A Pet Gerbil by Jack Moody
January 17, 2019

The second podcast of 2019 is here!  From our “Teenagers and Test Tubes” prompt, this story comes from Jack Moody.  Listeners/readers familiar with Jack’s stories know […]

Homecoming by Lauren A. Forry
January 08, 2019

Happy New Year Brick Moon folks!  Are you ready to dive back into the best speculative fiction podcast in existence?  Well step right this way.  We […]

My Mom, My Dad, and My Brothers by Sam French
December 11, 2018

Family, holidays, and tension – has there ever been a more consistent trio?  For the holidays this year we got our beloved readers (and listeners) a […]