We all know how much I love to talk about microinfluencers and how they're taking the world by storm, yes? Well, today's guest is no different! Chloe is a total force in the lifestyle/beauty YouTube vertical and has an awesome story behind how she found herself in front of the camera.

Today's episode is all about hearing from "the little guy" so to speak, and how Chloe is able to totally crush the influencer game with off-the-charts engagement. She's got tons of great advice for influencers that are just starting out in the space, ranging from how to approach and talk to brands to landing #spon content.

This is totally an episode you DON'T want to miss! Get your notebooks out because class is in session, and Chloe is here to school us on the art of the microinfluencer.

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Instagram: @ChloayMay

YouTube: Chloe May