Join Cheyenne for her premier show on Blog Talk Radio. Cheyene works with multi dimensional energies through Grandfather Spirit. Cheyenne does Psychic- Medium readings, she talks to your spirit guides and Angels. Cheyenne does all types of readings, and also is a Practicing Shaman, uses Plant Medicine and Aromatherapy. Cheyenne is also a Ordained Minister and Life Coach. Cheyenne also removes negative energy and entities from people and doesn house blessings and business clearings and blessingsI have always used my Spirit guides to direct my life!. I got my start when I encountered two spirits from the 1800s 23 yrs. ago and as I was living there with my family they were pointed out to me by my young daughter who was having conversations with her during her dream time. As they were being cleared I saw them through my inner sight and recieved informaiton about who they were and what they looked like. They still live at that house today. I have been conversing and seeing spirits ever since!

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