Website: Cheyenne Starhawk is a Shaman who uses Herbs & Aromatherapy in her practice for the past 5 yrs. professionally. She is a psychic-medium who is also a pet psychic, talks to loved ones, does past life readings, totem animal & power animal readings, crystal readings, removes entities, house & business blessings, is a life coach & Ordained Minister. Cheyenne does Shamanic Healing with herbs & Aromatherapy in person & long-distance. She has had many life-changing experiences that encouraged her to participate in life in new ways in the past 25 yrs. She has been consciously aware of her gifts for 25 yrs. Her first experience came when she was living with spirits from the past in her house. As she became aware of them she was able to visualize them in her third eye & consciously see them as she closed her eyes; from that point she received the conversation that they had been attempting to have with her for some time. They were trapped spirits & chose to stay in the house but to not be a bother to her family & lived happily there with them. Since that time she has been able to speak with all spirits from higher dimensions. Cheyenne StarHawk Enterprises, LLC. 720-763-6588

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