Thursday January 10th 10PM EST, 7PM PST, 9PM CST, 8PM MST See Gayles website for a special on intro to life coaching!!! Initial session for $20! Get ready for your awesome New Year 2013 with help from Gayle!!! Gayle has followed a long path of personal growth through self development to arrive at this time in her life, where she can help others. Her practice has grown out of her natural psychic abilities, Over time she has developed the skills and tools to help others, in their personal growth. She is a Psychic, Reiki Master, Universal Life Minister, and Life Coach among the many things she does. All of these skills have been developed in the service of Others, God, and the Universe. Many have asked exactly what Gayle does? Just exactly how does she help you? The answer like Gayle herself is rather complex. She uses her intuition and the tools she has learned in a life time of study to help you refocus your own skills and talents in a more productive manner. Gayle helps you to view your own life and circumstances in a positive way, striving to help you achieve the changes you want. She can encourage you to make changes that are positive for you! Very often we do not listen to the very people closest to us because we see their advice as being based upon their own self interest. Gayle gives you that coach who stands in your corner and says YES YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN LIVE AN ORDINARY LIFE IN AN EXTRODINARY WAY! She is the living breathing proof that manifestation, magick and the hard work of self improvement can change your life! Check out her website at

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