Join us with Dr. Joy Pedersen to gain insight through channeled messages and learn how to bring yourself success in the New Year! Dr. Joy Pedersen received a message from Divinity this morning and another one over the weekend which addresses some of the reasons people are challenged today. Come join us tonight for messages of enlightenment for yourself so we can all be helped to a greater degree! In her efforts to help others eliminate their struggles, Joy Pedersen founded Express Success. She has been using spiritual healing more privately for over 25 years as a means to clear, heal and release the cause of challenges. Since she began this practice, she has healed herself and thousands of others of mental and emotional baggage and blocks as well as the karma (cause and effect) that shows up as problems or challenges in life and business. She works directly with the divine realm, which she accesses through channeling and automatic writing. She has the gift of clearing Karma as well as is a conduit for Divinity to give specific gifts to her clients during their private sessions together. As a global healer, she has been committed to peace for over 20 years.

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