Your show benefits when you join Blubrry!

Here's how:

Blubrry values its relationship with you. We are here to help media content creators get noticed and get paid.

You always own the content that you produce.

If you produced it, you own the copyright. Blubrry wants to promote your content. We don't want to own it!

The Blubrry Agreement is not an exclusive commitment.

The Blubrry agreement does not prevent you from signing up with other networks. Our agreement does not prevent you from promoting other podcasts or making paid or unpaid announcements within your show.

You might be able to make a few dollars.

Blubrry will negotiate advertising contracts with full disclosure of the deals and offer them to you. You always have the right to refuse to take part in any advertising campaign.

The power of the community goes to work for you.

Adding your podcast to the community is free and each show enables us to grow. The Blubrry team will promote your podcast and, when there are times that you are not engaging in a paid advertising campaign, we ask that you to promote Blubrry with a short promo, usually in spoken form, indicating your listing on Get a promo here.


Fresh content equals a happy audience.

We actively manage the Blubrry community to ensure that spam feeds and podfaded shows are removed from the system. That means your show is easier to find and your audience is happy.


Wait no longer! Join the community and add your podcast today!

Who are we?

We are RawVoice. We are bloggers and media content creators working hard to build a community that benefits everyone involved. Visit the RawVoice website for more information.

Community Features and Member Perks

The following perks are FREE to Blubrry members to help them build their brand. We don't want to take your money, we want to see your show succeed.

  • Increase your exposure. It never hurts to have another point of presence.
  • Social networking features help you connect with your audience. Add friends, leave comments, juice episodes.
  • Reliable podcast statistics. Always have a strong idea about the dynamic of your audience.
  • Embeddable Blubrry audio/video player that you can add to your website. The pop-up player lists only your content. You're never going to lose your audience with our player!
  • Money! If you fill out our survey we might be able to find you a sponsor or two.

The Legal Stuff
Our lawyer put all the terms and conditions in legal mumbo jumbo. So if you want to confirm what we are saying is legit, click below.

Podcaster Terms and Conditions