Charlene Jones’ publications include:

Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind an easy to read exploration of the seam between Visualization Meditation and Neuroscience

The Stain, a novel about Reincarnation, Karma and the Release from Suffering

Bliss Pig A Book of Poetry Co-Authored with Linda Stitt

Ms. Jones’ interview by Charmaine Carraway on her program is due out on March 16th  2017 or listen in to  Kathryn Kemp Guylay’s program The Mountain Mantras at from Sunvalley Ketchum Idaho

Ms. Jones teaches Meditation at Stouffville Yoga Life; and helps clients through her Spiritual Guidance practice. With Isidora Romantini she co-leads retreats for small groups. Charlene currently puts time into her memoir, called My Impossible Life, due out in 2018. She is available by Skype or phone for help unraveling life questions or for meditation guidance.