Have you received your "n!gga wakeup call"? The wakeup call occurs when you've been under the incorrect impression that we are in a post-racial world, only to have blatant racism slap you in the face. These wakeup calls also occur on the basis of other outward attributes (like gender, age, and nationality). Time and time again people are subjected to preferential treatment or mistreatment solely based on how they look. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri provide a figurative slap in the face of those who hold such a narrow view of the world.

Topics discussed include Cameron Russell's TED talk on image and judging people by their looks, people being treated much more kindly on the basis of their outward appearance, Forest Whitaker being searched and wrongly accused of shoplifting, the ridiculousness of voluntarily submitting to searches since you have "nothing to hide", hospital granting parents request that Black nurses not be assigned to care for their child, Shellie Zimmerman’s request to dismiss her perjury charge was denied, George Zimmerman's legal defense fund announcing that they will meet their $30K monthly goal, and more!