Have you received your “n!gga wakeup call”? The wakeup call occurs when you’ve been under the incorrect impression that we are in a post-racial world, only to have blatant racism slap you in the face. These wakeup calls also occur on the basis of other outward attributes (like gender, age, and nationality). Time and time again people are subjected to preferential treatment or mistreatment solely based on how they look. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri provide a figurative slap in the face of those who hold such a narrow view of the world.

Topics discussed include Cameron Russell’s TED talk on image and judging people by their looks, people being treated much more kindly on the basis of their outward appearance, Forest Whitaker being searched and wrongly accused of shoplifting, the ridiculousness of voluntarily submitting to searches since you have “nothing to hide”, hospital granting parents request that Black nurses not be assigned to care for their child, Shellie Zimmerman’s request to dismiss her perjury charge was denied, George Zimmerman’s legal defense fund announcing that they will meet their $30K monthly goal, and more!

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Segment 1

    nigga wakeup call
  • Discussion about what a supermodel said about people being judged on the basis of their looks:

    ‎”I got these FREE things because of how I look, NOT who I am. And, there are people PAYING A COST for how they look, NOT who they are [...]

    Last year, of the 140,000 teenagers that were stopped and frisked, 86 percent of them were Black and Latino. And, most of them were young men.” – Cameron Russell (Supermodel)

  • We’re back after yesterday’s racy episode: Episode 145: The Porn Story. People thought the episode was pretty funny.

  • Discussion about the systematic jailing of Blacks and browns leading to this erroneous assumption that Blacks and other groups commit more crimes.

  • Discussion about the studies that say that other groups actually do more drugs and other things that are generally attributed to Blacks.

  • Discussion about Cameron Russell saying that she hit the genetic jackpot in terms of her looks, and that she really had nothing to do with that.

  • Discussion about people being treated much more kindly on the basis of their outward appearance. People tend to be so worried about the superficial appearance of what something looks like, rather than what it is like.

  • Discussion about actor/director Forest Whitaker being stopped and searched by a store employee under the accusation of shoplifting.

    The owner of a Manhattan deli, where Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker was accused of shoplifting and frisked, has apologized and says the employee who patted down the actor is “no longer with us.”

    Speaking to “TMZ Live,” Anthony Galofaro, the owner of Milano Market, expressed his regret over Friday’s incident and offered to “make a donation to a charity of Mr. Whitaker’s choice to rectify this wrongdoing.”

    He said the employee who stopped the actor outside the deli was a “decent man” who was “just doing his job.”

    “We have a lot of shoplifters here,” Galofaro said Monday. “It was very busy. He thought (Whitaker) took something and he wasn’t sure.”

    The worker later apologized, but Galofaro said the man, a longtime employee, is “no longer here with us. … He doesn’t want to come here, that’s how much hurt he is. …It was a sincere mistake.”

    Still, Galofaro said he was unsure whether he would take the man back. “My job is to make sure this won’t happen again,” he said, adding that he is taking steps to retrain workers.

    He also insisted that the incident had nothing to do with race. “It hurts me more than anything else what I’ve been hearing in the papers,” he said about the accusations of racism.

    Source: Yahoo! News

  • Discussion about Whitaker being stopped and frisked, that the man didn’t know him, and that he is a rich man and was subjected to this treatment.

  • Nobody should be treated this way.

  • Cheri mentions how she discussed on Episode 098: The Lies Are Beautiful Lies that she was falsely accused of shoplifting.

  • Discussion about the fact that Forest Whitaker letting a store employee search him was ridiculous. Maybe he cooperated so that nobody could say he was combative.

  • As comedian Paul Mooney would say, “He got his nigga wakeup call…”

  • Discussion about the philosophy that if you have nothing to hide, then voluntarily submitting to searches is okay–even though it violates your civil rights!

  • Discussion about a nurse suing a hospital because they placed a note on a patient’s chart saying that no Black nurses were to care for the child:

    An African-American nurse claims a Michigan hospital agreed to a man’s request that no black nurses care for his newborn.

    Forty-nine-year-old Tonya Battle tells the Detroit Free Press she didn’t know how to react when she learned about the request in October at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. Battle sued last month in Genesee Circuit Court seeking punitive damages.

    Battle’s lawsuit claims a note was posted on an assignment clipboard reading “No African American nurse to take care of baby.” She says it was later removed, but claims black nurses weren’t assigned to the baby’s care for about a month.

    Source: Yahoo! News

  • Should the hospital have done this?

  • Cheri says that the hospital should have refused care on the term that only nurses of certain races be allowed to care for the child. They should have told them to seek care elsewhere if they would only allow non-Black nurses to care for their child.

  • The fact that the hospital wrote the note and complied with the patent’s parent’s request is co-signing the request in a way.

  • Discussion about how the hospital should have handled the request. They should have communicated better to their staff why the assignments were being made this way. They absolutely should have given the entire staff a heads up about potentially problematic patient families.

  • Heit & Cheri disagree on whether the hospital mistreated its staff by complying with the request that no Black nurses care for the child.

  • Comparing requests for caretakers based on race with requesting caretakers based on gender. While the argument can be made in cases like gynecology that gender preference can be acceptable, there would be no such acceptability in orthopedics, for instance.

  • Discussion about who would actually place a note like that in a patient’s chart. Did they have the authority to make that decision? Since Black nurses weren’t assigned to the baby for more than a month, this says that administration was involved in the decision.

  • Discussion about how people who are re-assigned to other work because of B.S. should feel about being re-assigned.

  • What is the implication of the decision to re-assign nurses without adequate communication of the rationale for the decision?

  • The nurses weren’t even given the decency of communicating these decisions to the workers. This is how corporations treat people.

  • Discussion about similar instances of ageism and sexism.

  • Discussion about whether people have a right to decide who cares for them. Sure they can decide who can touch them, but the other side of that transaction is the hospital agreeing to the terms of the conditions for care. Both parties have the right to come to agreement on the terms of care.

  • Discussion about situations where there aren’t many minorities, so people don’t have to make requests like this–although they might be just as racist as the people who made those requests.

  • Discussion about discrimination against foreign nurses.

  • Discussion about whether the nurse was right to sue the hospital.

  • Discussion about the nurse’s reason for suing the hospital, and speculation that it was not about fighting to care for a racist couple’s baby. It is about how the employer handled the situation and treated the employees in the process.

  • Discussion about scenarios where re-assigning employees on the basis of B.S. preferences translates to the detriment of the reassigned employee.

  • Discussion about the deference toward white professionals, even with a lot of Blacks.

  • Discussion about whether the white nurses who were assigned to the racist couple’s baby have the right to sue on the basis that they were subjected to unfair treatment. Perhaps they had a heavier workload or had to be subjected to difficult parents more frequently than they otherwise would have.

  • Update in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case.

  • Shellie Zimmerman’s request to dismiss her perjury charge was denied by a judge yesterday.

    On Tuesday, a court hearing was held, and a judge denied the motion to dismiss the case. Zimmerman’s attorney argued Special Prosecutor Angela Corey had no right to charge her because she didn’t have jurisdiction in the case. In July, Zimmerman pleaded not guilty to one count of felony perjury. Zimmerman is accused of lying about the couple’s finances during an April bond testimony for her husband.

    Source: WESH.com

  • George Zimmerman’s legal defense fund announced that it looks like they will meet their monthly donations goal of $30K per month.

  • If only Axiom Amnesia was able to gather more donations. Imagine what we could do with only a fraction of the donations that people are giving to a racist murderer!

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