Have you ever thought about how many of the proposed solutions to societal ills are basically ploys that give false hope to the human race? Almost everywhere you look, we have people and groups posing as virtuous proponents of the advancement of humankind, yet their practices say just the opposite. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri address the political and societal imagery veiled as advancements and achievements, which are actually counter to the progress of society.

Topics discussed include NewsOne reporting a satirical article on Rand Paul and Beyonce as fact because they don't fact check, Black media failing its readers, Your Black World’s exploitation of a 15-year-old alleged bank robber for financial gain, coming to terms with the fact that it’s not just non-Blacks who despise black youth, the prevalent attitude of profits over people, the Pentagon’s newly lifted ban on women in combat, parallels between classism and the hierarchy within the military, the "glass ceilings" that exist in the military on the basis of gender roles and college education, handling of "feminine" hygiene during combat, men in bootcamp being drugged to prevent them from getting "morning wood", rape in the military, NewsOne suggesting that folks don't deserve the White House petitioning system, Chicago investing in guns while simultaneously banning them in the city, unlocking cell phones becoming illegal tomorrow, a New Mexico bill would make it illegal to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape--it would be destroying "evidence", and more!