Propangandists are experts at aiming at the brain–your emotions are played upon in an effort to convince you to see things their way. We see this tactic unfolding before our very eyes with the gun control debate, where mental health has become a central focus. Our goal is to appeal to your intellect in such a way that you look at the information from a logical perspective, and decide for yourself what makes sense. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri analyze President Obama’s plans and executive orders concerning gun control, which rely heavily on a determination of mental health for legal gun purchases.

Topics discussed include Obama’s executive orders on gun control, the plan to use teachers to point out potentially violent students, how Obama’s gun control plan is not aimed at stopping inner-city gun violence, improving mental health services, Luke Campbell calling Spike Lee an “Uncle Tom” for speaking out against the movie “Django Unchained”, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about Barack Obama’s gun control plan. He unveiled his plans yesterday in a press conference that you can watch in its entirety today.

  • You can also read the details of his plan here:

  • Obama has positioned his gun control efforts around protecting children, continuing to tie it to the recent Sandy Hook school massacre in CT.

  • Discussion about Obama having children who wrote letters to him about gun control, and most people applauding that. Yet, when we brought up the idea of children having the right to vote, people thought that was stupid.

  • There are 23 points in the proposal, broken down into four initatives.

  • The first thing on the list is required backgound checks for prospective gun purchasers:

    Require Background Checks For All Gun Sales:

    The single most important thing we can do to prevent gun violence and mass shootings, like the one in Newtown, is to make sure those who would commit acts of violence cannot get access to guns. A critical tool in achieving that goal is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which was created by the Brady Act to ensure that guns are not sold to those prohibited from buying them, including felons and those convicted of domestic violence. Over the last 14 years it has helped keep more than 1.5 million guns out of the wrong hands. It is able to make 92 percent of background check determinations on the spot. However, too many guns are still sold without a background check and too many individuals prohibited from having a gun slip through the cracks. We need to strengthen the system by requiring every gun buyer to go through a background check and ensuring that the background check system has complete information on people prohibited from having guns.

  • Discussion about #2 on Obama’s gun control plan–banning military assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

  • Discussion about how Obama always uses the term “common sense” when he is making proposals.

  • Discussion about #3 on Obama’s gun control plan–to make schools safer.

  • Discussion about how the plan is to profile children to see if they are potential violent gun offenders. The teachers will be the first lines of “defense”.

  • Discussion about the indicators that will be used to determine if children are “at risk” for violence. They will probably use many of the same indicators of poverty and cultural differences.

  • Any time the child exhibits things that aren’t social norms, then they will be placed under further scrutiny.

  • Discussion about the misunderstanding that these gun law changes are related to controlling urban gun violence in places like Chicago and Philly.

  • Discussion about the plan to ensure that Obamacare doesn’t prohibit doctors from asking about guns. WTH!?!

  • Discussion about how mental health and being turned down for gun ownership can possibly be used against people in the future. You could be turned down for jobs and other things.

  • Discussion about #4 on Obama’s gun control plan–to improve mental health services.

  • Discussion about what the president’s plan of “improving mental health services” will really mean. The goal here is not to do what is best for the “mentally ill,” but rather to supposedly protect others from them.

  • Discussion about how the mentally ill are systematically thrown in jail.

  • Discussion about a woman who was thrown in jail for calling 9-1-1 too many times.

  • Discussion about how mental illness might be characterized as not going along with societal norms.

  • Mention that being shy might be characterized as a mental illness.

  • Discussion about how kids who are rebellious and dress “goth” have been characterized in the bucket of mental illness.

  • Discussion about how people who may have committed a crime a long time ago might be unfairly prohibited from gun ownership.

  • Obama plans to reach 750K children with his :

    The Administration is calling for a new initiative, Project AWARE (Advancing

    Wellness and Resilience in Education), to provide this training and set up systems to provide

    these referrals. This initiative, which would reach 750,000 young people, has two parts:

    1) Provide “Mental Health First Aid” training for teachers: Project AWARE includes

    $15 million for training for teachers and other adults who interact with youth to detect

    and respond to mental illness in children and young adults, including how to encourage

    adolescents and families experiencing these problems to seek treatment.

    2) Make sure students with signs of mental illness get referred to treatment: Project

    AWARE also includes $40 million to help school districts work with law enforcement, mental

    health agencies, and other local organizations to assure students with mental health issues

    or other behavioral issues are referred to the services they need. This initiative builds on

    strategies that, for over a decade, have proven to decrease violence in schools and increase

    the number of students receiving mental health services.

  • All of this legislation is in response to something that may not even be statistically significant. How many people have been killed in mass shootings versus the chronic crimes of inner cities?

  • Why is there no mention of addressing poverty if they want to address chronic gun violence? Because that’s not their agenda!

  • Discussion about how this legislation will usher more people into the criminal punishment system.

  • Discussion about how the mental health industry will profit from the legislation.

  • Mention of Joe Biden’s history with bolstering the prison industrial complex:

    insert video

  • Discussion about the picture that we posted on Facebook about the tactics used to characterize gun advocates as “nuts”.

  • Discussion about whether they will bring mental institutions back to prominence.

  • Discussion about the prospect of federal funding for mental institutions and research.

  • Discussion about Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother calling for the repeal of the “stand your ground” laws. This is a bad idea. The rationale is that the law is not applied fairly, so the law should be done away with. No, they should concentrate on fair application of self-defense laws.

  • Discussion about the Marissa Alexander case, which has become the poster child for Blacks not qualifying under stand your ground laws.

  • Discussion about Luke Campbell calling Spike Lee an “Uncle Tom.” Luke says that none of Lee’s movies are as good as Django Unchained.

  • Discussion about Luke’s trifling past and objectification of women in his music videos (like a stereotype-enforcing Uncle Tom himself) having the nerve to part his lips in criticism of Spike Lee. He is famous for a song called “Pop That Pu$$y”!

  • Discussion about how people like Luke and Dick Gregory are content to completely discredit Black film as a whole in favor of licking the bootstraps of white directors just because they like watching a Black man kill up a bunch of white people on film.


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