If you pay attention to our society, you'll realize that we're all forced to constantly judge our windows of freedom. We say we're free, and we might even think we're free, but the truth is that we have all become adept at operating within our window of possibilities--according to the dictation of authority. In this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri have a candid conversation about the reality of our apparent lack of freedoms and the subsequent judgement of others in the process.

Topics discussed include debate over homeowners' front yard gardens, property and land ownership, limited choices and lack of personal freedoms, desire to control people and things that don't affect you, sagging pants, judging people by the content of their character versus how they dress, making a good point for a bad argument, people trying to control the physical appearance and behavior of others, Shorty Lo and his baby mommas, judging character and respectability based on physical appearance, people wanting to be like the rich elites, non-participation in the wrongheaded ideals as a compromise, vilification of natural hair and sagging pants, and more!