The ability to speak and manipulate language well is truly an art. The use of slang adds additional depth and color to language, allowing for the articulation of deeper meaning and expression. With the emergence of digital media, we continue to see the manipulation of language aimed at making profit over good content on blogs and other websites. In this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri talk about all aspects of "slangin' language arts," and challenge you to see through the attempts at manipulation.

Topics discussed include the rules of language, knowing language rules versus memorizing context, slang, learning a second language, language acquisition in the brain, how articles are written for, goal of effective communication, B.S. writing guidelines, implied commentaries in news headlines, writing for profit over content, ads on articles and websites, lazy journalism, content theft via excessive quoting, the latest on Google and Facebook's ad schemes, and more!