The end game is only won by those who choose to stick by their guns, and that’s what we plan to do. Adhering to our espoused principles, with an unwillingness to bend to the will of oppressive entities is a necessity in our predicament. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri challenge you to stand on the side of your principles in spite of strong opposition.

Topics discussed include the U.S.’s interference with the business of sovereign nations, the Ohio football team rape case, how the justice system facilitates unilateral decisions, Ernest Duenez Jr. police shooting case, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, the sequester, Oklahoma’s open carry gun law takes effect, gun control, new bills introduced in Congress, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Please give us feedback on out review of the movie Dejango Unchained.

  • Discussion about a question asked by a listener who is from Zimbabwe. He asked us to discuss more about Africa:

    I would like u to discuss why america chooses to bypass regional and continental organisations, when they meddle ino the internal affairs of a sovereign african state. Does that mean that america is the “international community”? – Dzikamayi

  • The United States has asserted themselves as the authority, therefore they do not need to receive approval from these organizations. In fact, the U.S. is still very much a part of these organizations or via their economic and political influence over these organizations.

  • Sovereign nations should be able to carry out their business without the constant interference of outsiders.

  • Discussion about the rape crew that allegedly were involved in the rape of a teenager in a small Ohio town.

  • Discussion of what seems to be a witch hunt of the males accused of the crime.

  • A media report said that there was a text from the alleged victim to one of the alleged rapists, in which she said she knew that he didn’t rape her.

  • There are so many details with this siuation that it is difficult to say what exactly happened with this situation.

  • There are currently two males charged with raping the girl. They are going through juvenile court.

  • These boys and others are being tried in the court of public opinion. In fact, the males’ names have been released to the public by the hacker group Anonymous. The alleged victim’s name is out, but not widely used by the media.

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  • Right now, the small town is divided over opinions about the case. Many people want the bystanders and others to be arrested as well. There are allegations that the town is protecting others who were involved because they are football players–supposedly because they want the football team to win.

  • One of the guys they want arrested is the son of the sheriff. Actually, his charges were already dropped.

  • Discussion about the way the system works, and how it fails in situations like this where the sheriff is left to make the decision about the case that his son is potentially involved in. Society and the legal system is set up in such a way that there is a deference to some head person or people making determinations about cases that impact us all.

  • Discussion about Ernest Dunez Jr., who was killed by the Manteca, California police, who claim that he had a knife. The shooting is on film, and it is obvious that the officer wasn’t in immediate danger when they shot and killed Ernest. Then, they proceeded to handcuff him after he was mortally wounded.

  • Discussion about people accusing Duenez of having a history of violence on the thread where Axiom Amnesia posted photos of the incident. Regardless of any criminal history, he didn’t deserve to be executed when he did nothing to provoke it.

  • We cannot wait until something happens to us to care about the things that affect us all. We should all be concerned about the ease with which the police kill people and say that they “feared for their lives.”

  • Discussion about how Duenez was searched and cuffed after being fatally shot.

  • People are treated as if their lives have no worth, and this is really sad.

  • Discussion about the latest news about the fiscal clif, the debt ceiling, and the sequester.

  • In economic terms, a sequester is:

    Originally a legal term referring generally to the act of valuable property being taken into custody by an agent of the court and locked away for safekeeping, usually to prevent the property from being disposed of or abused before a dispute over its ownership can be resolved. But the term has been adapted by Congress in more recent years to describe a new fiscal policy procedure originally provided for in the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act of 1985 — an effort to reform Congressional voting procedures so as to make the size of the Federal government’s budget deficit a matter of conscious choice rather than simply the arithmetical outcome of a decentralized appropriations process in which no one ever looked at the cumulative results until it was too late to change them. If the dozen or so appropriation bills passed separately by Congress provide for total government spending in excess of the limits Congress earlier laid down for itself in the annual Budget Resolution, and if Congress cannot agree on ways to cut back the total (or does not pass a new, higher Budget Resolution), then an “automatic” form of spending cutback takes place. This automatic spending cut is what is called “sequestration.”

    Source: Auburn University

  • Discussion on what the 2013 sequester is all about:

    It’s a package of automatic spending cuts that’s part of the Budget Control Act (BCA), which was passed in August 2011. The cuts, which are projected to total $1.2 trillion, are scheduled to begin in 2013 and end in 2021, evenly divided over the nine-year period. The cuts are also evenly split between defense spending — with spending on wars exempt — and discretionary domestic spending, which exempts most spending on entitlements like Social Security and Medicaid, as the Bipartisan Policy Center explains. The total cuts for 2013 will be $109 billion, according to the new White House report.

    Under the BCA, the cuts were triggered to take effect beginning Jan. 1 if the supercommittee didn’t to agree to a $1.2 trillion deficit-reduction package by Nov. 23, 2011. The group failed to reach a deal, so the sequester was triggered.

    Source: Washington Post

  • Discussion about how Obama will make plenty of concessions of things the masses find important because he doesn’t need them to be reelected.

  • Discussion about increased initiatives for gun control and Oklahoma’s open carry law going into effect.

  • People on social media were completely opposed to the woman shown carrying a holstered handgun in the open while shopping at a supermarket.

  • Discussion about all the new bills introduced into the new 113th Congress. There were over a hundred bills. At least ten of them had to do with firearms, with some of them overlapping.

  • Discussion about the bill that called for compensation to the families of the survivors of the Tulsa, Oklahoma race war.

  • Discussion about another bill aimed at providing health care for the homeless.


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