How many sides are there to a story, and is there such a thing as a universal truth? Our perception IS our reality, and that can differ from person to person. With this being the case, how do we determine what's the truth? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri embark on an engaging philosophical discussion about the nature of the universe, reality, religion, time, and limitations of technology.

Topics discussed include what constitutes a week, murder rates in Chicago versus New York, police deaths down in 2012, claim that part of Jesus' manger are on display in a Chicago church, comparison between what the Bible says about Jesus versus what the Quran says, how many sides there are to a story, philosophical investigation into the nature of reality and perception, whether there are universal facts and truths, whether the universe is a creation of the human mind, whether observance is a requirement for the existence of a thing, multiple realities, and more!