Download Episode 28 In this first episode of 2013, JD, Roy and Andrew review the amazing Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production of Oliver Twist (after consuming some doughnuts and a Wodfamchocsod each). This is an epic, near 6 hour long audio drama that is masterfully written and directed by Paul McCusker. In addition to this review, the guys read a pile of feedback messages from listeners. And as always, Roy offers up a stupendous newscast and Andrew shares that he is now a married man. Listen in for all the fun! Check out JD's tour of Whit's End! Make your own Wodfamchocsod! News Segment Links: Family Portraits album download - CBD | iTunes Actor's Picks album coming Spring 2013 Review Segment Links: Purchase Oliver Twist - CBD | Amazon | iTunes Interview with Paul McCusker about Oliver Twist - ATC Episode 22 Feedback Segment Links: Treasures of the Snow - Music for feedback segment courtesy of Wodfamchocsods & ATC! Andrew prepares to demolish a doughnut and chocolate soda Roy drains the last few drops of his Wodfamchocsod Sign up for our newsletter!  Send us your feedback! We’d love to hear what you think! Leave a comment below, email us at, or give us a call or text 623-688-2770. Or follow us on twitter: Subscribe to the show!