All Day Ruckoff Podcast

All Day Ruckoff Podcast

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ADR 108: Your First GORUCK Heavy with Ryan Shelley
July 04, 2019

Ryan’s first event was a GORUCK Light. After that he completed a second Light and then a Tough and Light. He never thought he’d be able to complete a GORUCK Heavy but here we are talking about his accomplishment.

ADR 107: Rucking with Kids with Yori Rubinson
June 27, 2019

I always love stories of parents getting out there rucking and spending time with their kids. After talking with Yori about the GORUCK Monthly Rucking Challenges he has been completing with his 10 and 8 year old sons I knew he had to be on the show..

ADR 106: Cadre Shredder & the 22 Get Headstrong GORUCK Events
June 20, 2019

Cadre Shredder joins to talk about how he got involved in GORUCK, how he became a cadre, then the 22 Get Headstrong events he's leading in Austin, Texas this year. I've done a number of events with Cadre Shredder and feel pretty honored to have him on ...

ADR 105: Rucking Couple with Nick and Marjie
June 13, 2019

Nick and Marjie join me to talk about rucking and GORUCK events together as a couple. They train together, complete events together, and even placed second overall at a GORUCK Star Course together.

ADR 104: GORUCK Constellation 12 in 2019 with David Davenport
June 06, 2019

David joins me to talk about the GORUCK Constellation 12 event we completed together in 2019. It was interesting getting his points on the event because we were on different teams which means we had very different experiences.

ADR 103: Winning GORUCK Team Assessment Class 000 with Team 5
May 30, 2019

Mark Jones and Mike Durkin join me to discuss their first place completion of the GORUCK Team Assessment Beta Class 000. During the interview we discuss how they trained for the event, their thoughts on the event,

ADR 102: GORUCK Team Assessment vs Selection with James Vreeland
May 23, 2019

ames Vreeland recently completed GORUCK Team Assessment Class 000 Beta. In addition to that accomplishment he is also a finisher of GORUCK Selection. In this episode James compares his experiences tackling Team Assessment against Selection.

ADR 101: GORUCK “The Originals” with Cadre Ragnar
May 16, 2019

Cadre Ragnar talks about The Originals, his position at GORUCK, his first event, the future of GORUCK events, and more on this episode. I'm not sure how we got so much to fit into a 40 minute interview but we did!

ADR 100: GORUCK GRT Reunion Year 5 Recap with Bomber Bash
May 09, 2019

Thank you so much for the support! Hard to belive we're at episode 100. In episode 100 Bomber Bash and I discuss the GRT Reunion Year 5, the GORUCK community, and being smart at events.

ADR 099: GORUCK and Type 1 Diabetes with Adam
May 02, 2019

GORUCK events are hard enough already without being type 1 diabetic. Adam joins us in this episode to talk about what it's like being type 1 diabetic and training for (then completing) GORUCK events.