All Day Ruckoff Podcast

All Day Ruckoff Podcast

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ADR 114: Paul Litchfield and the MACV-1 Boots
August 15, 2019

Paul Litchfield joins to talk about his experiences working with GORUCK, getting into shoes, and the MACV-1 boots. It was a ton of fun getting to know him better and he will absolutely be back on the podcast to discuss things further.

ADR 113: Cadre Garret Machine Talks GORUCK Constellation 2020
August 08, 2019

Garret (aka Cadre Machine) joins to talk about the upcoming GORUCK Constellation events for 2020. There’s a lot of changes in the works and it will be very exciting to see how the events come together. This has been a very busy week for GORUCK so a hug...

ADR 112: Kevin Talks 2 x GORUCK Double Heavy Events
August 01, 2019

Kevin joins to talk about the GORUCK Double Heavy events. He has completed not one but two of those crazy challenges and gives us a wide range of tips and insight into the events. Resources Here’s links to everything we talked about during the podcast ...

ADR 111: Cadre Flash Talks Snowdrop 2019
July 25, 2019

Cadre Flash has run over 240 events with GORUCK and will be running the 2019 Snowdrop event. I’m so glad that this event is living on and it was great having Flash on to talk about it! I’ve been meaning to have him on for ages ever since I started the ...

ADR 110: GORUCK HTL and Martial Arts with Chad Malone
July 18, 2019

Chad owns Capital MMA (Lorton) and has fairly recently started completed GORUCK events. We talk about the Star Course and HTL he finished and how Martial Arts helped him prepare for aspects of those events.

ADR 109: GORUCK Normandy 75th D-Day Anniversary Events with Cadre Dan
July 11, 2019

Cadre Dan has run a number of D-Day GORUCK events over the past few years. In addition he LOVES history so he seemed like a great person to get on the podcast to talk about the 75th anniversary of D-Day. This probably will not be the last time you hear...

ADR 108: Your First GORUCK Heavy with Ryan Shelley
July 04, 2019

Ryan’s first event was a GORUCK Light. After that he completed a second Light and then a Tough and Light. He never thought he’d be able to complete a GORUCK Heavy but here we are talking about his accomplishment.

ADR 107: Rucking with Kids with Yori Rubinson
June 27, 2019

I always love stories of parents getting out there rucking and spending time with their kids. After talking with Yori about the GORUCK Monthly Rucking Challenges he has been completing with his 10 and 8 year old sons I knew he had to be on the show..

ADR 106: Cadre Shredder & the 22 Get Headstrong GORUCK Events
June 20, 2019

Cadre Shredder joins to talk about how he got involved in GORUCK, how he became a cadre, then the 22 Get Headstrong events he's leading in Austin, Texas this year. I've done a number of events with Cadre Shredder and feel pretty honored to have him on ...

ADR 105: Rucking Couple with Nick and Marjie
June 13, 2019

Nick and Marjie join me to talk about rucking and GORUCK events together as a couple. They train together, complete events together, and even placed second overall at a GORUCK Star Course together.