A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

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M 28 At Home Doctor Visit Model
July 27, 2019

Should you do home doctor visits as your main line of income? Should you take a table and go to their house or go to a business and save the company lost time from doctor appointments? Can you have an RV, what table to get, and ways to boost income?

M 27 Gen Z Stats
July 25, 2019

Minisode 27 Gen Z Stats Gen Z offers a new type of client. One that is writing and expecting to read online reviews before purchasing products.  They also expect online forms, online scheduling, and text reminders. Episode 27 Gen Z stats.

M 26 Are Business Failures the Norm
July 20, 2019

Minisode 26 Are Business Failures the Norm The author discusses how social media shows a perfect world but in reality, business failure is common. 100s fail each year, customers don’t pay and how do you find your unique talent to offer.

M 25 Discovery Day Workshops
July 18, 2019

Discovery day workshops are a great way for potential clients to see and hear what you offer. We go over the 3 marketing videos to get people in the door as well as the basic structure of the live workshop.

E 132 Cash Based Physical Therapy Jarod Carter DPT
July 16, 2019

Cash practice as a physical therapist is new. Learn about hiring associates, setting fees, medicare, clinic setting, his coaching, answering the phone and we discuss Dr. Jarod Carter’s twins spinal muscle atrophy journey.

M 24 Proper Breathing
July 13, 2019

Proper Breathing starts with proper biomechanics. Tune in for a physical therapist specialized in respiratory conditions.

M 23 Onboarding Staff Tips and Gym Class Specifics
July 11, 2019

Onboarding with a 30 and 90 day trial period, what to look for in those days, trainability, ideal small group class size for a clinic, and how to calculate per person fee.

E 131 Real Estate Investing and Negotiations Jude Mendonsa
July 09, 2019

Tenant vs landlord real estate lease concerns and negotiations, should you buy single unit or multiplex homes for real estate investing and why, creative financing these projects, silent partners and mentors with Jude Mendonsa.

M 22 Discounts and Being On Purpose
July 06, 2019

Should you allow discounts in your clinic? How to fill your clinic with patients you want to treat as well as finding your deeper direction.

M 21 Get Leads at Live Events
July 04, 2019

Get creative with event sponsorships and live events for leads. You can put your logo and branding on coffee stations, lanyards, charging booths and speaker notes. You can do a fun game at your own booth and people can win prizes.