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Why Add Your Media?

There are lots of reasons to add your media content to the Blubrry Community! Here are a few:


Increase your exposure. It never hurts to have your show listed on another website.

Make Money

If you fill out our advertising survey, we might be able to find you a sponsor or two.

Free Statistics

Gain access to our free basic Media Statistics service. And who knows, you might like our stats so much you'll consider upgrading to our Premium Statistics service.

The Blubrry Digital Media Player

Add the Blubrry Digital Media Player to your website so visitors can view your podcast feed in a pop-up window that displays your feed image, show notes and supports audio or video.

Blubrry PowerPress

The Blubrry PowerPress plugin has all of the essential features needed to provide media content support in a WordPress blog.


If you outgrow your current media hosting service, we offer an array of media hosting plans and premium media statistics.