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Summer – Is It Really Just For One Week In Minnesota?
June 03, 2019

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN Baseball is generating quite a bit of heat and we have links you'll want to check out. The deadline for college basketball players to commit to the pro's or to return for another year has come and g...

American Craft Beer Week
May 14, 2019

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ It's American Craft Beer Week. Excuse enough for you to find out what adventures your friendly, neighborhood craft brewer has in store for your taste buds. But, honestly, do you need an excuse?

Extended Seasons – The Battle For Championships
May 13, 2019

ACC Nation Staff @accnation It's what every ACC team hopes for when their regular schedule comes to an end. Extended seasons bring out the best and fans couldn't be happier. Spring is chocked full of sports and in this episode of ACC Nation Podc...

Preseason College Football – ACC Gets Short Changed
May 05, 2019

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN When it comes to preseason college football Top 25 rankings, the ACC has been short changed. Has the conference turned into the SEC with one dominant team and a weak smattering of others strewn across...

Beer Buzz And A Jones
April 28, 2019

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN, Xayveon @Xayveon The guys of ACC Nation Podcast are at it again and this time they've put together two of your favorites, beer and football. There's a buzz about two new additions to the football fami...

Sweet Sixteen: ACC Nation Podcast
March 26, 2019

On this episode of ACC Nation Podcast Will and Jim delve into conference teams that are in the Sweet Sixteen. They offer a quick analysis of Duke, Virginia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida State. In addition,

Bagmen Cometh?
February 18, 2019

What would it take to move Buzz Williams out of Blacksburg? Matthew of says, 'beware the bagmen'. Will and Jim talk with the columnist and podcast co-host about Virginia Tech players,

Jeff Fann On Georgia Tech
February 14, 2019

The athletic program at Georgia Tech the past few years has been like a smooth, flat rock skipping across a pool of water. Hit. Miss. Hit. Miss. And just like the wonderment of our childhood watching that rock it's often been a thing of beauty.

Mike Rutherford – Still Got ‘It’
February 11, 2019

If our interview with Mike Rutherford helped us understand one thing very clearly, it's not to ever underestimate Louisville. That word of advice also applies to Rutherford as he proved he's still got 'it' as you'll find out in the podcast.

College Softball With FPN’s Michael Kyllo-Kittleson
February 04, 2019

To find out what the bigger picture looks like you [...]