3 Questions & a Song

3 Questions & a Song

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Night’s Edge – Edge of the World 3QS015
August 15, 2019

Three questions for Brian Haran – Episode 015 If a band from SWPA was doing a mini-tour and would be coming through Baltimore, what advice would you give them? If there is an apocalyptic event and only one Night’s Edge song will survive along with a ha...

Lou Lombardi – Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone 3QS014
August 01, 2019

Three questions for Lou Lombardi – Episode 014 Some of my listeners may know you as the host of The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast, can you tell us about how the show came about and how it affects you personally as a musician?

Echoheart – Void 3QS013
July 15, 2019

Marina of Echoheart is the guest for Episode 013 of 3 Questions & a Song.

Derek Davis 3QS012
July 01, 2019

Derek Davis, Songwriter & Frontman for former 'Arista Records' & 'Frontiers Records' band 'Babylon A.D.' chats with Bill about his album “Resonator Blues"

The Crowning 3QS011
June 15, 2019

Three questions for Micah Martin – Episode 011 So The Crowning is based in Stroudsburg, PA and you’ll be making your debut in Pittsburgh soon. What can you tell us about that upcoming show? Recently, you put on your annual Five Acre Fest and Winter’s D...

Dragline 3QS010
June 01, 2019

Three questions for Jimmy Feudale – Episode 010 I know that you used to use the tagline “Pure Rock Fury” for your band, and I feel like it is a pretty good description for your band. How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you yet...

After the Fall – The Fight 3QS009
May 15, 2019

Three questions for Doug Carnahan – Episode 009 I know that you used to be in a you play solo acoustic shows, and you front After the Fall, a Heavy Rock and Metal band. So my first question is, what musicians would you say have influenced you?

Deyv Dee
May 01, 2019

Three questions for Deyv Dee – Episode 008 Having played all over the world and in various genres and styles of music, I’m guessing that you have quite a few stories to tell. Can you tell us about an embarrassing situation that you faced on stage?

Love Stallion – Valentine 3QS007
April 15, 2019

Three questions for Love Stallion – Episode 007 I have to know, what was it like opening for Steel Panther? Did you interact with them? I think it was probably a huge party, am I wrong? What is your favorite thing about playing in a Glam Rock band in t...

Chip & the Charge Ups 3QS006
April 01, 2019

Three questions for Chip & The Charge Ups – Episode 006 If you could change one thing in the Pittsburgh scene, what would it be? How was the band’s stage attire chosen? What is it like to play in a band with your daughter?