Zero Credit(s)

Zero Credit(s)

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Episode 146: Jack Thompson 2: Re-jack’d
August 16, 2019

Henry and John discuss some of the worse things happening in politics right now. Because they're big enough to talk about.

Supplemental Reading: Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
August 09, 2019

John and Henry team up once again to take on the FFCU, this time in a spin off that seemingly hits all the right notes. Maybe? Eh, let's just enjoy the ride.

Episode 145: Ultimate Wacky Death Races
August 01, 2019

Bad Henry and Normal John pre-tackle the FFCU's Hobbs and Shaw while pitching equally important car-related movies that NEED to happen. Also, there's some good stuff here about movie criticism.

Episode 144: A Bad Show aka The Marvels of Madness
July 26, 2019

Henry and John present to you, dear fams: A Bad Show, featuring Comic Con and Fast and the Furious news.

Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 3
July 19, 2019

John and Henry go to the mall in this in-depth discussion of the third installment of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things.

Episode 143: Soccer, Sword Dog, and Speedruns (ft Jeff)
July 12, 2019

Henry and John summon Jeff to discuss the finer points of the Women's World Cup and then everything kind of breaks down because of John.

Episode 142: Megan Rapinoe/Where Are You/We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now
July 05, 2019

Kick! Pass! Slide! Goal! Ball! The Women’s World Cup is hotting up, and The Footy Boys are here to bring you all the latest news about the US Women’s National Soccer National Football Team Women’s. Will the Lionesses dent their ego,

Episode 141: Live from the Zero Credit(s) New(s) De(s)k
June 28, 2019

Henry and John tell you all that sweet, sweet news as if they themselves were newspeople empowered by the very news-juice like real newspeople. It's 6 pm!

Episode 140: Sports Corner
June 21, 2019

This week's Sports Corner is brought to you by the the brilliant sight of a newborn deer, learning to walk in a dew-covered meadow in Spring.

Episode 139: E3: Electric kEanu rEEvEs
June 14, 2019

Henry and John examine the Women's World Cup, Godzilla, E3, Keanu Reeves, and Banjo-Kazooie.