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Overlooked Black History


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Kasino's Corner

Kasino's Corner

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Overlooked Black History

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Happy BLack HIstory Month to Everyone!!!

On this special episode I have my homie Enrique from the 5 minutes away podcast and we give out some information on some of "our" notable black history accomplishments and achievements that constantly get overlooked and should be appreciated. Real Barbershop...

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talking ish with Big D

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It's been a long time!!! but we back with another ratchet episode.

My guest is Big D and we talk about the current events in america. specifically the confederate flag and the charleston SC shootings...

The Lost Moody and Kasino Episode

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Happy New Year Family! let's end 2014 right with the very last kasino's corner of 2014.

I didn't even realize that I had this Podcast.

This is basically just me and moody having random conversations about any and everything.


Chopping it up with Cincy D

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Special Guest "Cincy D" aka Dee


police brutality


black community

race in america...

Social Media Beef and more Porn talk

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Today's Special guest Mr. Moody from NDN Radio came to visit and chop it up with ya boy!


Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent feud

fake ass podcast beefs

recent porn we have been watching

other random shit...

Kasino's Corner Featuring Big D-Ebola and Bullsh*t

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This is the episode where we talk about the Ebola epidemic and other various topics...

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