This is an episode dedicated to the Team HIDI campaign. The short version: Atlanta chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with stage IV gall bladder cancer in late December. Team HIDI was formed by Ryan’s friends and family to help manage the fight of his life (the long(er) version). The response has been massive. Russ and I care deeply about this cause because we both like Ryan a whole helluva lot, and the world would be a bleaker place without him in it.

We recorded this the day after attending a Team HIDI benefit that raised over $160,000. In less than a month, they’ve raised over $300,000 total. The Atlanta food and beverage scene has coalesced around this [hyper-worthy] cause like nothing I’ve ever seen. So as not to risk distorting the message or any facts, please go read all of the words, look at all the pictures, and click on all the links at the official Team HIDI website. Amazing stuff.

We tried to pick a beer and a song that aligned with the Team HIDI theme. We picked Porcine Unidragon from Clown Shoes and 16 Days by Whiskeytown. Give a listen to hear our thematic justification.