Ugh. Yes, we listened to and discussed a Blink-182 song, mostly unironically. More on that in a second. We quaffed a 32oz. “growlette” of a beer from Twain’s Billiard & Tap called Dirty DIPA. This beer is credited to Twain’s because it was brewed at Twain’s, but it is actually a collaboration between Twain’s and Sweetwater. The Dirty DIPA is an interesting beer and we have a long, contemplative discussion about it. We understand it is probably more fun for us to drink beer and talk about it than it is for you to listen to us drink beer and talk about it. We understand.

Blink-182. Sigh. Russ mentioned a while back that he saw they had something new coming out. At first, I laughed it off. But then I realized it could be a good opportunity for us to explore a song that causes me pain as opposed to the way we usually do it (with the Russ and the pain). My only regret is that we actually played the whole song. I need some Carly Rae Jepsen to cleanse my palate after this and I am not even kidding a little bit when I say that.

A THING WE FAILED TO MENTION ON THE PODCAST: Dirty DIPA is part of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild Collaboration Series. A portion of the proceeds from each of the beers in the series will help the GCBG continue to advance the interests of Georgia Craft Brewers. Other Collaborations in the series include(ed): Terrapin & Moon River, Wrecking Bar & Wild Heaven, and Max Lagers & O’Dempsey’s.