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SPW Uprising II: Sterling Williams vs s12 vs Diamond Victor Griff vs Kevin Quill

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4 way TV title match from SPW's Uprising II at Norfolk Scope...

SPW Uprising II: Shorty Smalls vs Brandon Scott

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Shorty Smalls takes on Brandon Scott at SPW's Uprising II at Norfolk Scope...

yWs 5/28

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This week we talked about the Week That Was, Jay Steel's Fav 5, suspensions, Erin's Homework, and much much more!...

yWs SPW House Show 4/28

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Here is commentary from the SPW House Show on April 28, 2012. The Best Ever Justin Wilson and the Silver Fox Alfredo Torres calling the action from the WrestlePlex and are accompanied throughout the evening by: SPW General Manager Bobby Cruz, The Psycho Assassin s12, SPW North American Heavyweight C...

yWs 4/23

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We were out LIVE at the Olde Towne Tavern this week! It was a busy and BIG week for VA independent wrestling so we talk about it in the Week That Was. Jay Steel's Fav 5, Erin's Homework, and some draft talk. Thanks for listening! Rate and comment!...

yWs WrestleCenter 3/26

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Steve, Steve, and Zak Wang with your wrestling results!...

Hampton Roads Tattoo and Arts Festival Dudes

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Shakespeare's Ghozt - Terminator

Day 1 Break 1: A Rare Occassion

elocine - Through the Eyes of a Merciless Youth

Day 1 Break 2: Day 1 Wrap Up

Aduro - House of Cards Death Valley Rally - Stop and Go

Day 2 Break 1: The Start of Day 2

Broken Mouth Annie - American Dreams...

yWs Presents: yourWrestlingawards

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The first annual yWa's were held at Olde Towne Tavern and hosted by Zak Hilton and Jay Steel!

The nominees:

2011 End of year awards

All around Wrestler of the Year

1. Mempho Mofo Mark Bravura

2. Diamond Victor Griff

3. Sean Denny

4. Phil Brown

5. Brandon Day

6. Crazii Shea

7. Pat Cusick...

yWs 12/26

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First of all, apologies as we lost the first 10 minutes or so of conversation. It jumps right in with our GDR of the week Ring of Honor iPPV. We are joined in studio by Kevin Quill of SPW who is sitting in for the ill Zak Hilton. We went over each category for next weeks yWa's the yourWrestlingaward...

yWs 12/19

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This week we review the week that was, including two of our own meeting in the ring for the very first time, we talk about Kane's return and returns in general, Daniel Bryan's big win, and much much more. Listen, subscribe, rate, comment. Find us on Facebook and Twitter!...

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