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yWs 7/28

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Homework, a ballbag opening, something wonderful this way comes...

yWs 6/2

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Well...we liked Payback...

yWs 5/19

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We were at Dave and Buster's all by ourselves...

yWs 2/10

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Weighing in on Punk...

yWs 2/3

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Ummmm....about that...

yWs 7/16

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This week we all get together to discuss MitB, Botch, some of our favorite Raw moments with the 1000th episode coming up, and soooo much more...

yWs 5/28

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This week we talked about the Week That Was, Jay Steel's Fav 5, suspensions, Erin's Homework, and much much more!...

yWs 4/23

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We were out LIVE at the Olde Towne Tavern this week! It was a busy and BIG week for VA independent wrestling so we talk about it in the Week That Was. Jay Steel's Fav 5, Erin's Homework, and some draft talk. Thanks for listening! Rate and comment!...

yWs 4/16

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The band reunites and The Best still almost hangs himself! Jinkies! If it ain't one thing it's an other. The Week That Was, Jay Steel's Fav 5, Wrestling's Fake, TNA vs WWE, and sooooo much more!...

yWs WWE WrestleMania XXVIII

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yWs provides a bit of coverage to WrestleMania XXVIII for full coverage check out

You will hear from The Best, The PartyMan Zak Hilton, The BootyMan Jay Steel, The Silver Fox Alfredo Torres, CGS, and Robert Keith. Also appearing is Homeless Batman!...

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