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Wudu Room – Episode 52 – Hurricane Sandy Edition


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The Wudu Room

Wudu Room

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Description: The Wudu Room Podcast is a weekly Islamic Podcast that delves into the day-to-day aspects of being Muslims in the today's society. Join Us and Get Purified.

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Wudu Room – Episode 52 – Hurricane Sandy Edition

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This week on The Wudu Room Islamic Podcast, we talk about Hurricane Sandy and its effects on us the past week, which melds into the topic of being thankful for “Wisdom of the Week.” For News of the World, we talk about Hurricane Sandy and some other news. The Islam and You topic this week is a continued discussion on the effects of disasters and how Muslims should react. We also get our weekly dose of jokes. We hope you enjoy!

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Also, that Wudu Room competition for our fans is still running :) Listen to episode 50 for details.

Recorded: November 2, 2012

As always, stay classy.



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