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Words from Nerds 188: Machete Star Wars


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Description: Weekly podcast focusing on consumer tech news and trends.

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Words from Nerds 188: Machete Star Wars

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We’re focusing on Star Wars this week. We’ve got a mobile app and history with a Star Wars theme. But the main focus is on a new perspective to the six movies that will make you think differently about characters that you THOUGHT you knew really well. May the Force Be With You!

Hosts: John Kresic

Running Time: 36:35


Mobile App of the Week:
  • Angry Birds Star Wars ($0.99 US) keeps with our theme this week. Luke, I am your Father!


Nerd News:
  • Do you remember the first time you heard this?
  • For the adults, the backstory is that Chewie, R2 and Yoda are holding the rebellion together.
  • The correct viewing sequence for a new person is Machete Order.
  • What life is like as an every day stormtrooper.
  • Would you like a 2min recap of everything that has happened in Star Wars up to now? Here’s a Lego version.
  • Even Darth Vader likes VW’s.
  • Star Wars joke page.


This Week in Nerd History:
  • Jan 1, 45 BC – The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time.
  • Jan 6, 1838 – Morse Code demonstrated in New Jersey
  • Jan 4, 1923 – Chic Stone was born. Inked some very cool Star Wars comics like issue 45.


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