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Mobile News Round-Up and Feedback – WHS129


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The Wired Homeschool – Tech, Tips, Tools, & Internet Safety for Homeschooling Parents

John Wilkerson

Description: Level up with tech, tools, and tips for homeschooling the Internet generation.

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Mobile News Round-Up and Feedback – WHS129

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I love feedback! I got some great feedack from Lori in New Zealand, Wendy in Colorado, and Mark in the United Kingdom. Mark also sent along this great graphic if you want to compare technical specification of the latest smartphones.

How much does iOS 8.1.1 improve your iPhone 4s?
Changes for Office 365 Home or Personal subscribers who use Office for iPad

ClickN Kids Tablet 2 is Intel-powered educational Android KitKat slate | ZDNet
$179 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablet coming to Walmart | ZDNet

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