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The Wired Homeschool – Tech, Tips, Tools, & Internet Safety for Homeschooling Parents

John Wilkerson

Description: Level up with tech, tools, and tips for homeschooling the Internet generation.

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No Podcast This Week

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Hey folks! Life intruded and I haven’t had time to record and edit the podcast I wanted to release this week. Look for a new episode next week.

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5 Tech Mistakes Made by Homeschool Parents – WHS119

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We all have made mistakes in our homeschooling. We've made mistakes parenting. We've also made mistakes with technology. We're not perfect so it stands to reason that we'll make a mistake somewhere down the line...

5 Helpful Super Powers for Homeschoolers – WHS 118

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Sometimes it would be helpful to have super powers as a homeschooler. There's so much to get done and it seems like you'll never get those lesson plans completed.

So what are those super powers?

1. Invulnerability because if you're sick or hurt you can't homeschool...

Armor of God with Phil Elmore – WHS 117

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Imagine for a moment that you'd lost most of your vision and major motor functions. Then imagine what it would be like to be given a suit of armor that not only restored those abilities but enhanced them. It would be a miracle wouldn't it? That's the basis of the new book Armor of God by Phil Elmore...

3 Ways to Use Vine for Homeschooling – WHS 116

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Do you think Vine is just a place for cool special effects, looping funny videos, and an outlet for teen stupidity? While it is used for those things, I think there are three significant ways Vine can be used by homeschoolers for educational purposes...

Amazon Fire Phone, Budget iMacs, iPad Allergies, and Tech Spaghetti – WHS 115

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This week I take a look at the Amazon Fire Phone, budget iMacs, and allergic reactions to iPads.

Be sure to check out the interview with Leah Hinton and consider support the Tech Spaghetti Indiegogo campaign.

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