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The Wired Homeschool – Tech, Tips, Tools, & Internet Safety for Homeschooling Parents

John Wilkerson

Description: Level up with tech, tools, and tips for homeschooling the Internet generation.

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Homeschooling and Entrepreneurship with Daniel J. Lewis

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Daniel J LewisI spent most of the week preparing for a message at chruch this week so I didn’t have time to put a new podcast together. Instead, I decided to edit down an old interview I did with Noodle.MX Network.

Daniel is a podcaster, public speaker, and a website and graphic designer. We talked about how Daniel’s experience being homeschooled prepared him for his future.

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9-inch Tablet Showdown: Nexus 9 vs iPad Air 2

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Apple and Google recently announced new tablets for the masses and people will be rushing to stores to buy them. Before you buy your next full-sized tablet you'll want to know which one gives you the best value and will meet your needs...

New Kindles, Windows 10, and Ello – WHS 125

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There's a lot of tech news that I cram into this episode along with your answers to the question of the week.

New Kindle Devices

Kindle Voyageâ€"Prices starts at $199. The device comes with a 300 ppi display, new adaptive front light, it's thinner than all other devices, and has a battery t...

Educational Podcasts to Stick in Your Ears – National Podcast Day – WHS 124

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It's National Podcast Day! Celebrate this day doing something to promote podcasting. If this is your first time listening to a podcast, share it with someone else. Write a podcaster and tell them how much you appreciate what they're doing. Or share you favorite podcast with a friend. For more ways t...

Celebrate National Podcast Day with The Wired Homeschool

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National Podcast Day is right around the corner. I've known about if for a month and been remiss in mentioning it. I'd like you to celebrate the day with me.

I've been podcasting since 2005. You could say I'm part of the old guard. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm one of the pioneers but I have b...

iOS 8 Initial Reaction and 3 Things to Do Before Upgrading – WHS 122

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iOS 8 released this week and while there are some really neat features I'm not very impressed. Battery life is poor, some apps are buggy, and my device seems a little slower. I share more about my experience in this week's podcast so make sure you listen...

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