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EPISODE 232 – Cold, Chapped Reach Around


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 232 – Cold, Chapped Reach Around

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For us fellas a reach around can be pretty darn nice. The keyword there being ‘can’. There are circumstances I’m sure we could all dream up where such a favor may not be in our best interest. Charlie too enjoys the reach around, but not one he has to pay for. We learn that on this show while running through Tuesday’s DVD releases. There are a couple of them that could be considered a reach around by Hollywood. But not the good kind. This one comes from a cold, rough, dry hand whose grip is too tight and retard-strength tugs uncomfortably hard over and over again. And worse of all, Hollywood wants you to pay for this miserable masturbatory assistance.
Since our 5th Anniversary show the episodes have been pretty mild. I began to wonder if we’d lost our spunk after five long years. I can tell you now that we have not! In probably our most lively show since then we’re all over a number of stories. We warm up on one that relates to last week’s poll that we didn’t get to in time. That story is one of Eric Hartsburg who got Mitt Romney’s campaign logo tattooed on his face for a mere $15,000. Talk about a cold chappy reach around.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting the good kind of reach around. He’s been asked to reprise his role as Conan the Barbarian in a sequel/continuation/not third film but rather replacement to second film but taking place after second film. THE LEGEND OF CONAN will pick up where the 1982 film left off… a seasoned, older Conan perched on a throne. Best of all, using Arnold’s real life aging, they won’t need any make up! Arnold says he’s thrilled to be back. Get it? Because he’ll… be back?
What are your top-ten movie villains of all time? Ript Apparel — the 24-hour limited edition shirt printer — has theirs. And boy do we have ours… more specifically, Dennis. But we all throw in making a master list of sorts. Ript’s rundown includes the likes of Hannibal Lecter (we agree) and the Wicked Witch from THE WIZARD OF OZ (we disagree). Our list includes Clarence Boddicker of ROBOCOP and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!!!! Plus others. Tune-in to hear ‘em.
There’s a list from Forbes Magazine of some actors in Tinseltown that are most certainly getting the good kind of reach around. They’re incredibly over paid. I present a Chase’s Challenge to the guys to see if they can name the number-one highest over paid A-Lister. Spoiler… they don’t, but they do get several others on the list while guessing.
AMC’s WALKING DEAD has certainly grown a fan base. Some of the fans may take the comic-turned-show a little too seriously through. Now I know what you’re thinking, Chase, you and Jabari have torn JJ Abrams a new one numerous times over his STAR TREK. But without spoiling too much of this story here, I’ll just say Jabari and I likely wouldn’t do to Abrams what one WALKING DEAD fan did to his girlfriend because she disagreed with him over the show’s plot validity. Don’t miss this Breaking News.
And lastly, we need your help choosing our 2012 CLIP OF THE YEAR. Head over to the special page we’ve set up for it and listen to the three nominees, then vote for your favorite. The winner will be deemed our CLIP OF THE YEAR and will be replayed on our December 23rd year-in-review show. Just think of it as your reach around on us… no dry or chapped hands please.

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