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EPISODE 231 – Sausage Taker


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 231 – Sausage Taker

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It’s time now for another one of those episodes where we run out of time. And the cause of our time dilemma is the same as it always is, conversation drift. Things start off with the ol’ bacon or sausage debate. Dennis is liking sausage lately. And we stay on food as Mike is now back and he briefly fills us in on his Thanksgiving.
Then we chat for a moment about the Nintendo Wii U. We got a chance to play it before today’s show. Now in the past we’ve expressed our concerns, made our jokes and gave our predictions on how the Wii U would ‘play’ out. And after a few hours of NINTENDO LAND fun, we all agreed it’s definitely worthy of consideration if you’re picking up a new console and can’t decide which one. Nintendo may not have the latest in graphics and may be a bit borderline gimmick with the whole shaking the controllers and what not, but they’ve managed to once again make things damned fun. Now we had a blast just playing NINTENDO LAND, which comes with the Wii U. I’m imagining the potential of what they can do with it in the coming years. Especially that tablet controller called the Gamepad. We thought it might be silly, but it actually adds a lot to the game play and will surely have the kids arguing over it come Christmas morning. Maybe a future firmware update will allow the console to support more than one someday?
What would you do with a zillion dollars? We ponder that on the news that the lucky Powerball Jackpot winners will take home over $193-million after taxes. If I had won, I would launch Who Asked You? cable and radio networks. Maybe call it Who-Net. Us five big mouths, 24/7 on your TV and radio… ahh, the glory it would be.
Within a few minutes time we create a pornographic scenario involving the grandparents from Willy Wonka, catch up on Dennis and Jabari’s Fantasy Football standings and fathom whether or not $18 to a Fathom movie event for STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is too much money.
Dennis derails the New Releases with a question of favorite sci-fi movies, which brings up the question of whether or not JURASSIC PARK and STAR WARS are science fiction.
And then finally, it’s into the show rundown starting with Angus T. Jones’ new found faith. If you’re unaware of events this past week involving the 19-year-old star from TWO AND A HALF MEN, allow me to easily fill you in. He went on YouTube and called his bread and butter, “filth.” Then quasi-apologized to his co-stars the next day in a written statement. His girlfriend, Internet celebrity — question mark — “Stalker Sarah”, apparently introduced him to the Seventh Day Adventist religion. Jones is still under contract with CBS, so he’s still collecting an enormous paycheck that is undeserved given his talent, or lack there of for acting. If he’s really that passionate about his new faith and upset over the filthy show he’s worked on for the last ten years, maybe he should start giving all that money to his church.
Then it’s back to Nintendo. Their magazine, “Nintendo Power” is publishing its final issue this month. The gaming rag went retro for its final cover recreating a clay scene it depicted on its very first copy. “Nintendo Power” has been in continuous publication since 1988. It’s not the first gaming magazine to run out of lives. And it probably won’t be the last. But the question we wonder is, like newspapers, are they even relevant anymore with the web and Internet-connected consoles?
And the last bit of news we have time for, because Dennis takes up the rest of it complaining about the new Macs not having optical drives, is more rumor than actual news. It seems like more than a coincidink that a time frame for the next Xbox gets leaked shortly after the Wii U hits the market. But whether it was planned or not, the rumor is that it’ll be out in time for Christmas next year and could include — among other interesting features — a Blu-ray drive. And if you’re like Dennis and use your Xbox mostly for watching Netflix, there could be a version of it minus the video game capabilities. A Microsoft version of the Roku essentially. Since we don’t have time for the story that spawned this week’s We Ask You Poll, I simply pose the question and once your votes are tallied, we’ll read ‘em and the story on next week’s show. Been looking for a way to spice up the poll. This could be the beginning of a new way of doing it. We’ll see how it goes.

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