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EPISODE 289 – Wing Deep


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news of the week. Listen LIVE and chat with us during the stream Fridays at 6p/9e! And download the show Mondays at 3p/6e on our website.

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EPISODE 289 – Wing Deep

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It’ll be interesting to see how Daniel finds himself in the rubber mask once again when the MRS. DOUBTFIRE sequel gets made. No plot details are known right now, so we spend the start of this week’s show coming up with our own. The general consensus is that, somehow, Daniel will be charged with caring for some unruly children and the only way to get through to them is for him to show up as Mrs. Doubtfire. Sort of a cross-dressing Nanny McPhee without the magic, if you will. And a lot has changed in the 20-years Euphegenia’s been away so the script will certainly call for that ‘fish-outta-water’ plot where she’s confused by iPhones and struggles to understand teenage colloquialisms. We’re not sure if Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan or the middle Lawrence brother will return, but we do know the youngest actress from the first film, Mara Wilson, will NOT. She made it very clear on her Twitter she would not reprise her role if asked. Not that she wasn’t happy with the first film, but she feels it doesn’t need a sequel. And we couldn’t agree more. We’ll revisit this one when more plot info comes available and we’ll see if our predictions are correct.

You probably all know that I’m a big fan of outer space. Planets, nebulas, quantum filaments… it’s all quite fascinating to me. I should work for NASA right? Wrong… I suck at math as you’ll hear on today’s show while we talk about the recent Blood Moon. By the way, I didn’t see that either. Went to bed and completely forgot. Could’ve busted out the telescope and everything. Oh well, there are three more chances starting this October to see one. I’ll catch it then.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this Heartbleed bug on the Intertubes? If not, let me simplify things. It’s a bug that resulted in a shit-ton of secure websites not being so secure. And since it went unnoticed for long time, experts aren’t exactly sure what information of ours might have been exposed in some fashion. Sooooooo, the easiest and best advice for you all is to change ALL of your passwords. A good thing to do every so often anyway.

Beginning early next year, SyFy will air a 12 MONKEYS series. They made the announcement this past week that the show, based on Terry Gilliam’s cult classic has gotten green lit for a season and will star Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Noah Bean and Kirk Acevedo. Although the story of a man being sent back in time to prevent a deadly disease from wiping out a majority of the human population can be stretched out. We’re not sure it can fill a series. Maybe a mini-series?

Anna Paquin’s cut scene from the upcoming X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST has been reinstated to just a “cameo”. Likely an unnecessary appearance forced unsatisfactorily into the script to please fans of the character. We’ve seen this before not only in X-MEN 2 with Colossus, but in that awful X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE movie with Gambit. And speaking of Gambit. Would you believe that Fox is thinking about doing a Gambit movie and they’re in talks with Channing Tatum to star in the role? Tatum spoke to MTV and said he’d love to play the part as he identifies more with Gambit being from the south. He added he’d already spoken to producers about the role, is already working on the accent and, “Would die to play it.”

Over at DC, they’re prepping another rough draft screenplay… err, I mean, new comic book coming out in July. It’s called “Grayson” and will center on Dick Grayson — formerly known as Robin and then Nightwing — as he leaves all that behind him to become a super secret agent for international spy agency, Spyral. He’ll have a gun and soon, an archenemy that’s akin to The Joker or Penguin. We have a better idea for a comic book secret agent. It’s over on the Marvel side though. Tune in to find out more. I’ll give you a hint… Frank Castle.

If you listened very very carefully on April 8th you might have heard a faint Windows XP crash ‘donk’ sound as the OS officially died, at least in Microsoft’s eyes. The company cutoff all updates and free support for what has been their most successful operating system. If you have a computer that still runs XP, which if you’re a business of any sort you probably do, that machine will still work, but over time will become less and less secure as security patches and updates will no longer be offered. Now’s the time to jump to Windows 7 (not 8… stay away from Windows 8), but even the current OS offerings have kill switches which we list for you today. I’m sure Microsoft has them entered on their Google Calendar.

We find ourselves back at the Who Asked You? Cafe this week with news that Dominos is making a pizza that has crust made from fried chicken instead of dough? No not so, but the Internet thought that was the case after seeing the images show up on Dominos’ website. They’re actually chicken nuggets covered in pizza-like toppings.

And while Dominos is merging deep fried chicken with pizza, Taco Bell continues to reap the benefits of their most successful menu item, the merging of Doritos chips and a taco. The Doritos Locos Taco was in the news again this past week after a woman told Huffington Post that she and three others came up with the idea while interning for the company back in 1995. She even has pictures to prove it! As part of a contest the four interns developed the Dorito Taco and presented it to a group of executives who in turn, voted down the idea telling the group the item just wasn’t marketable. Fast forward to today and the Doritos shell filled with taco-like food stuffs is their biggest seller!

In this age of Twitter and Facebook companies get feedback, both good and bad on a daily basis, instantly. And the airline industry is no stranger. Plagued with long lines, constant delays and expensive ticket prices they’re hearing from passengers all the time. But on the messy, incoherent, poor excuse for a chat room known as Twitter, hitting the wrong button when responding to a complaint can spell certain PR disaster. Enter US Airways who this week had to apologize to its followers after twatting an image of… well… a woman’s twat in response to a passenger’s complaint about her flight’s delay. The image which showed a nude woman spread eagle with her legs in the air and a model 777 jet stuck you know where, invited the complainer to, “Detail it here for review and follow-up.” Though, it looks to me like her inbox is already full. You can take a look at the image for yourself in the Show Links. The airline left the tweet up for over an hour before removing it an issuing an apology. They say it was a mistake and the image, which came from another user, was supposed to have been flagged, not tweeted back out.

You can send us your feedback. Maybe instead of a toy plane, the picture we send you to can have a microphone stuck in her snatch instead. Nah, we’ll keep it civil for now and just send you here.

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