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EPISODE 301 – Nutflix


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news of the week. Listen LIVE and chat with us during the stream Fridays at 6p/9e! And download the show Mondays at 3p/6e on our website.

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EPISODE 301 – Nutflix

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We’re LIVE from the iHeartRadio studios at Premiere Networks in Los Angeles, CA. Netflix is hiring people in the UK to watch Netflix all day. We talk about an 80s movie made in 2014 called WOLFCOP. We read a listener E-Mail with questions for each of us. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan plan to bring all the classic Universal monsters into one cohesive universe. Gwyneth Montenegro, a former escort, has written a book about her career called, “10,000 Men And Counting.” A new study finds the gas that makes your farts smell is actually good for your cells and may help prevent some diseases. And in Chicago, unions are upset by a faucet company’s choice to limit employees bathroom breaks to just six-minutes per day.

Netflix “Tagger” Job Opening
“Wolfcop” Official Website
io9: WOLFCOP Is The Best ’80s Movie Ever Made In 2014
Deadline.com: Universal Taps Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan To Relaunch Classic Movie Monster Franchises
Buy “10,000 Men and Counting” on Amazon
University of Exeter
CNN Money: Company limits bathroom breaks to 6 minutes a day

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