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EPISODE 317 – Cookie Kingpins


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 317 – Cookie Kingpins

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  • I share my adventures thus far playing ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY.
  • Paul Rosolie’s EATEN ALIVE special on Discovery Channel in which an anaconda was supposed to eat him alive was a total failure.
  • DC confirms to a fan on Twitter that a Teen Titans pilot for TNT will begin shooting next year and will be called simply, TITANS.
  • The hashtag #BringInRiker is being used on Twitter to convince Paramount that Jonathan Frakes should direct the next STAR TREK.
  • Embarrassing E-Mails leaked to the public from the Sony Pictures hack has the company’s CEO, Amy Pascal issuing the stock, fake apology for some things she wrote.
  • Starting this year, Girl Scouts will have websites and an app to help them sell and process orders for Girl Scout Cookies.
  • And, did you know Japan’s Burger Kings have a completely black-colored cheeseburger?
Discovery Channel’s EATEN ALIVE
DC Comics
Jonathan Frakes on Twitter
Sony Pictures
Girl Scout Cookies
Huffington Post: The Most Horrifying Fast Food Menu Items Of 2014



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