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EPISODE 330 - And Betty White Wins - Who Asked You?


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 330 - And Betty White Wins - Who Asked You?

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• We debut our brand new website. • The reviews are good for CBS’s new LATE LATE SHOW with James Corden. • Fox officially orders six new episodes of THE X-FILES. • The sixth season of PBS's DOWNTON ABBEY will be the show's last. • I read this week's new releases last week, so this week I read last week's. • The Russo Brothers have signed on to direct Marvel's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR two-parter. • NBC has ordered a new season of COACH... yes, you read that right. And Craig T. Nelson will reprise his role. • These aged actors returning to old roles gets us going on a tangent about actors and actresses you might think are dead but are actually still alive. • Netflix launched two new kids series. INSPECTOR GADGET, a CGI animated adventure, and RICHIE RICH, a live-action atrocity. • In Jenkem Watch, there's a growing problem up on Mt. Everest as decades of human feces are thawing out. • Taco Bell has gotten rid of their Waffle Taco and replaced it with the Biscuit Taco. • And, using a chemical called Chlorin e6, biohackers in California gave a guy night vision!

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EPISODE 329 - Hotractor - Who Asked You?

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• I bring you another update on my escapades as an assassin in France.

• As many as 62 shows are either ending or getting cancelled on American TV at the end of this season.

• Give yourself an endoscopy exam while masturbating thanks to the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator from Lovehoney.com. It's...

EPISODE 328 - The Dark Prophet - Who Asked You?

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• HBO NOW, although overpriced here in the states, seems to be a pretty good deal in Australia.

• We develop another one of our signature movie plots for what we think would've made EXODUS: GODS & KINGS entertaining...

EPISODE 327 - Two Balls Dropped - Who Asked You?

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• People were upset with the fact that William Shatner didn't attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral, but he had a good reason.

• HBO announced this week its long-awaited standalone streaming service will likely be available in April and will cost $15 a month! We breakdown all the reasons why this price...

EPISODE 326 - #KelseyCashingChecks - Who Asked You?

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• Kristi Capel, a newscaster at Fox 8 in Cleveland uses the racial slur "jigaboo" to describe Lady Gaga's music.

• Kirk Cameron seemed to be the big "winner" at this year's Razzies for his film, KIRK CAMERON'S SAVING CHRISTMAS...

EPISODE 325 - The Bulbs - Who Asked You?

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• Mimi's Cafe has gone downhill. I regret going there on my birthday.

• KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was an amazing movie. The trailers before it were not.

• We discuss the implications of Spider-Man being included in the Marvel Universe films and going with Miles Morales instead of Peter Park...

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