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EPISODE 311 – To The Escape Hatch!


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 311 – To The Escape Hatch!

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  • It’s the 7th Anniversary of the Who Asked You? show!
  • While I hunt unsuccessfully for a listener E-Mail, Dennis entertains us with another of his adventures helping his mom. This time, he’s tasked with moving a futon.
  • We then celebrate seven years by cracking open a vintage 2010 bottle of wine!
  • We chat for a moment about the deaths of Jan Hooks from SNL and actress Elizabeth Peña.
  • Entering Jabari’s mind, we discover everyone in his dreams appears naked except for him.
  • Jabari comes up with an amazing tagline that belongs on a T-Shirt.
  • Because it’s Who Asked You?, we get into a conversation about movies with good atmosphere and having a viewing party to watch some of them.
  • Looking at our November 2007 website via the WayBack Machine at Archive.org, I read the original bios I don’t remember writing for us.
  • And looking at our old homepage reminds us of the pains of hand-coding websites back in the day.
Windsor Vineyards
“Caligula” on Blu-ray
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on DVD
“Nymphomanic (Volume I and Volume II)” on Blu-ray
“A History of Violence” on DVD
“Alien” on Blu-ray
“Die Hard” on Blu-ray
Archive.org WayBack Machine: Who Asked You? (November 2007)

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EPISODE 310 – PG-15

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• Charlie is out this week and Mike arrives a little late. But Dennis Jabari and I hold down the fort in the meantime.

• Dennis gives us his review of the horror movie, ANNABELLE.

• A one-time batch of Orion Seductress Sindicate Lager was handed out at a STAR TREK convention in London. We wond...

EPISODE 309 – The Cost Of Living

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• This past Tuesday, September 30th was National Podcast Day!

• We share in the Internet's disappointment with the character who died in the season 26 premiere of THE SIMPSONS.

• A former gay porn star explains in a YouTube video how anal sex can lead to giving birth to demons through your but...

EPISODE 308 – A Drop In The Bucket

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• We share our views on KTVA-TV's Charlo Greene quitting her job on-air. And you get a little 'insider' info on the broadcast biz in Alaska.

• We finally have the hourly rates and pricing for the San Francisco-based ManServants service that we told you about a few shows back...

EPISODE 307 – What’s In The Box?

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• Turns out the story about the all-female town in Brazil we told you about last week wasn't completely true.

• Eminem sets the world record for the most words in a single song.

• Guinness Blonde American Lager is headed for store shelves in the US...

EPISODE 306 – The Collector

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Amazon greenlights a new pilot for THE TICK starring Patrick Warburton.

Nintendo introduces two 'new 3DS' devices.

Hershey's new corporate logo is getting made fun of because it looks like poop.

We have a lengthy conversation about the nude images of female celebrities hacked from Apple's iCloud and...

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