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EPISODE 321 – Grade F Chocolate - Who Asked You?


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 321 – Grade F Chocolate - Who Asked You?

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  • For the first time in several weeks the whole Who Asked You? Crew is back together!
  • STAR TREK: VOYAGER turns 20-years-old and Neelix is still the most annoying TREK character.
  • Paul Feig says his all-female GHOSTBUSTERS remake will also be shot in New York and have several nods to the original.
  • THE LOFT, which was supposed to come out last year, has finally landed a release date.
  • NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch testified in court that he couldn’t possibly have abused his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll because she’s a trained assassin! We consider what it might be light to date one.
  • Mark Wahlberg is asking the state of Massachusetts for a pardon of his criminal record.
  • The UK is finally being forced to eat Kraft’s subpar chocolate as the company is dropping the hundred-year-old Cadbury recipe for Dairy Milk Chocolate in favor of a “standard cocoa mix”.
  • And, Anheuser-Busch InBev has launched an Android app that only works in Washington DC called, Bud Light Button. It allows you to get Bud Light cans or bottles delivered to your door in under an hour.
Discovery Channel
Google Glass
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IMDb: Paul Feig
IMDb: Katie Dippold
IMDb: “The Loft”
NPR: NASCAR’s Kurt Busch Testifies That Ex-Girlfriend Is An Assassin
USA TODAY: Kurt Busch testifies ex-girlfriend is trained assassin
The Boston Globe: As Mark Wahlberg seeks a pardon, some aren’t ready to forgive
Download Bud Light Button on Android

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