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EPISODE 327 – Two Balls Dropped - Who Asked You?


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news LIVE each week.

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EPISODE 327 – Two Balls Dropped - Who Asked You?

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• People were upset with the fact that William Shatner didn't attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral, but he had a good reason. • HBO announced this week its long-awaited standalone streaming service will likely be available in April and will cost $15 a month! We breakdown all the reasons why this price is outrageous. • Sylvester Stallone will produce a TV series version of THE EXPENDABLES starring iconic TV action stars. We list several that would make a good cast. • CSI: CYBER, the latest crime franchise spinoff centering on Internet crimes, was ironically leaked online the day before its premiere. • An 8th grader in New Mexico was suspended for passing out opt-out forms for the state's contentious standardized testing. • A man tries to sue Applebee's after his sizzling skillet of fajitas burned him while he was praying over it. That's the topic of our newest segment, "Do They Have A Case?" • And, PornHub is working on a new bracelet that uses the kinetic energy of masturbating to create electricity which you can then use to charge your mobile devices.

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EPISODE 326 – #KelseyCashingChecks - Who Asked You?

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• Kristi Capel, a newscaster at Fox 8 in Cleveland uses the racial slur "jigaboo" to describe Lady Gaga's music.

• Kirk Cameron seemed to be the big "winner" at this year's Razzies for his film, KIRK CAMERON'S SAVING CHRISTMAS...

EPISODE 325 – The Bulbs - Who Asked You?

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• Mimi's Cafe has gone downhill. I regret going there on my birthday.

• KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was an amazing movie. The trailers before it were not.

• We discuss the implications of Spider-Man being included in the Marvel Universe films and going with Miles Morales instead of Peter Park...

EPISODE 324 – Burned To The Ground - Who Asked You?

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• Randy Quaid's bizarre YouTube video has him screwing his creepy-looking wife in a Rupert Murdoch mask while a dog barks with each thrust.

• My website gets a design revamp and the new look finally debuted this past week...

EPISODE 323 – Wilhelm Wonka - Who Asked You?

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• A terrible experience I had at a Las Vegas resort restaurant spawns a lengthy conversation about terrible meals at fast food locations all around town.

• We watch a clever Newcastle Superbowl commercial poking fun at Superbowl commercials which won't even air during the Superbowl. Makes sense,...

EPISODE 322 – Charluis de Sade - Who Asked You?

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• Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 this week and the question of what happened to Windows 9 comes up.

• Frito-Lay announced Sweetos, a cinnamon and sugar version of Cheetos coming out this Easter for a limited time...

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