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EPISODE 288 – Nugget Love


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Who Asked You?

Chase Shumway

Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A hilarious, candid, one-hour conversation amongst five longtime friends covering our favorite pop culture news of the week. Listen LIVE and chat with us during the stream Fridays at 6p/9e! And download the show Mondays at 3p/6e on our website.

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EPISODE 288 – Nugget Love

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We’re all back! It’s been awhile, but the Who Asked You? Crew is all accounted for on our first Friday show. As if I haven’t been reminding you enough this past week, we’ve moved the LIVE stream to Fridays at 6p/9e. And we five pick up where we left off by eating up an hour and having to skip a number of stories. That is how we roll a lot of the time. But it’s all part of the plan.

You may have heard this past week that David Letterman plans to retire next year from THE LATE SHOW on CBS after hosting it for 21 years. The face(s) of late-night TV is certainly changing. He’s the last long-timer left. Oh wait, Arsenio is back and still on, right? Even though Letterman and his band mate, Paul Shaffer still have another year to go, rumors and suggestions are already zipping about the Intertubes of who might get the gig. We’ve heard a wide array of names thrown out from Conan to Chelsea Handler. Although it’d be awesome to see a woman finally anchor a late-night talk show, we’re not convinced Handler could handle it. We have a few of our own suggestions you’ll hear on today’s show.

And I’m sure you’ve probably heard that Amazon has released their own Roku-style set-top box called the Fire TV. It’s an Android-based streaming box that offers the usuals like Netflix, Crackle and Hulu Plus. But it jumps ahead of the Roku and Apple TV with faster internal hardware, tight integration with Amazon and its cloud storage service and the ability to play multiplayer video games. But like any new gizmo, it has its faults. Particularly in the gaming area. It is nice to see one of these devices offering a console-like game controller though, even if it is sold separately and is practically required to play the games. Is the Fire TV a game changer in the streaming box world? It’s been our experience that most people still haven’t heard of these types of devices, so… maybe not? What do you think? E-Mail us your opinion.

Something you probably haven’t heard about is the Body Dryer. It’s a new gadget we’ll likely see on store shelves in the near future that does just as its name suggests. The designers of it say they wanted to eliminate the use of bath towels since after just one use, they become infested with bacteria and germs. The Body Dryer, which looks very much like a bathroom scale (and has one built-in) blows compressed ionized air upward at “strategic angles” to completely dry you off in about 30-seconds. No towel required! What is required is a pretty good chunk of change. Its creators have gone to crowd funding in search of $50,000 to bring it to the masses and have set an MSRP of $250 once it’s widely available. But when you think about the money you’ll save on buying towels and lower laundry costs, it may just be worth it. And we’re not just blowing hot air.

You know us, we — more specifically I — never miss a STAR TREK story. And the one on today’s show combines that with another of our favorite things… beer! Under a licensing agreement with CBS, the Federation of Beer plans to release a number of brews themed toward or inspired by different drinks you’ve heard mentioned or seen on the shows and movies. The first release is Vulcan Ale. I don’t think this is an official cannon drink, but the Irish Red Ale is launching the line in Canada and within the next year, here in the USA. After that, an American brewery will release their version of Klingon Warnog. A Dunkelweizen made with wheat and caramel malts as well as clove. A drink sure to bring you victory in a glorious battle… of Beer Pong. A third, unnamed beer is on its way this year too. Next year we’ll see the most classic of STAR TREK beverages, Romulan Ale. Jabari and I have actually already had a version of this at the late STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE attraction. It was blue, light and evervesent with a smooth finish. Here’s hoping we get to try all of the Federation’s beers.

And since we’re now streaming LIVE on Fridays, it seemed appropriate to mention something going on at our middle schools that’s inappropriate. The students are calling it ‘Slap-ass Friday’ and like the Body Dryer, the name says it all. Fridays are a free-for-all for male (and maybe even female) students to give their female classmates a playful swat on their bums. YouTube videos show the students in action. It’s got parents here in Las Vegas pretty peeved. The kids use either their hand or a binder. And since it’s middle school, that binder is then used to cover the resulting boner. Our school district plans to look into the “tradition” as it’s described. Hopefully we can start our own Friday tradition here at the Who Asked You? show… with an entertaining and always fresh episode, not any ass slappin’.

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