The Wayward Irregular

The Wayward Irregular

Matthew D. Jordan

Description: Possibly erroneous miscellany mulled from a strange mind, and other stories.

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“Tincture” Has Moved, But Loves You And Isn’t Trying To Replace Your Real Dad

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Salutations cadre, this is Mikayla, Matthew’s wife, and I’m addressing you savages so it sounds more important the next time you hear the deep caramel bass of my husband’s voice, or whatever. Last May, The Wayward Irregular introduced a short story series called Tincture, and it’s apparentl...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Nine

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Broken For As Long As I Can Remember How he’d awoken in the middle of tall grass probably should’ve been his first question"but instead"Rhamuel simply wanted to know what time it was. His head was swimming with questions, the thousand little ones your brain runs through right as you awake from d...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Eight

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When You Turn Heel On My Family The rumbling engine of the big motor was loud enough to drown out her thoughts, and for once, Abranyah was glad for it. She hadn’t had much in the past few to ruminate on the incident back in the small empty township where she, Rhamuel, and Marcus had [...]...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Seven

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Memories Don’t Work Like We Wish They Did Excerpted from: Revenants of War An Attempted Guide for Safe Warrant after The Whatever To the forfeit wanderers and other wayward souls living in the scar: This is a poor excuse for a travel guide, confusing at best, but if you’re still around to tu...

The Red Baron and His Demonstrable Pizza-Related Betrayal

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I’d asked the young man behind the automated scanning machine to repeat himself, and this was merely an effort to prevent TR, my companion, from absolving the man of his larynx with a roll of breath mint candies. “Young man,” I began, “the gentleman to my left is TR Schroder, my companion i...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Six

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Feeding Out Among the Crows They arrived at dark, and it was the men on rooftop with loaded rifles that cemented Rhamuel’s distaste for strangers. The populace wasn’t terribly large, but it covered a few blocks here and there, and seemed to make way for the amenities that most people tried despe...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Five

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I'd Be Happier If We'd All Take a Long Walk

Paper football or a rubber-band shootout did well to occupy those lulls in the night, but nothing passed the time quite like a gunshot victim. The tightly braided Devia didn’t handle the lulls as well as her brunette coworker, but between the two, they...

Tincture: An Apocalyptic Short Story, Part Four

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Lest We All Take a Dive Into the Blackness Together

Rhamuel inhaled deeply through his nose, and pondered the world. They’d made camp under a billboard, and after having been awoken by Rhamuel gently sprinkling sand into his ear, Marcus began to question his own decision making abilities. Dawn s...

Young People and the Poison That’s Made Me Terminally Uncool

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So I'm in this meeting at work, and this meeting is about young people, and in this meeting I realize I'm an old person"I am now a peer to my peers"and I'm woefully short on stool softener. Addressing the reader--e.g. you, right damned now"isn't somet...

Those Delicious, Delicious Floor Beans

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I’ve re-introduced coffee into my life, and it’s decisions like these that put me in my office chair at three in the morning with a bloody nose, stark naked and trying to order the owner’s manual for a 1973 Dodge Dart, an automobile I’ve never owned. I...

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