A Voice From The Isles

A Voice From The Isles

Fr. Gregory Hallam and Ancient Faith Radio

Description: Listen to the weekly sermons and other recorded lectures of Fr. Gregory and stay connected to the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.

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The King Of Love

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Fr. Gregory Hallam gives the Palm Sunday sermon...

Lazarus Come Forth

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Deacon Emmanuel Kahn preaches on the raising of Lazarus...

Finding Faith In The Living God

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Deacon Emmanuel Kahn gives the sermon about how to know what God wants us to do today...

Three Ladders

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Last week Fr. Gregory spoke of "Three Trees" and this week he considers "Three Ladders."...

Time To Study

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Fr. Deacon Emmanuel Kahn says that throughout the world today, in the midst of the contemporary emphasis upon being entertained, to seek the presence of God is an unusual goal but one, nevertheless, that we must pursue...

Flower Pot Theology

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Fr. Gregory Hallam describes the short shrift given to the Holy Theotokos and her Annunciation in some Christian circles as "Flower Pot Theology."...

Three Trees

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On the celebration of the Holy Cross and its Veneration, we have three trees in view. The first, the Tree of Life, which is God Himself. The second, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil whereby with ascetic struggle we can all acquire that purity of heart without which no one can even see the...

Sayings of Church Fathers On Fasting

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Fr. Gregory Hallam presents a small selection of the Holy Fathers on the discipline of fasting...

Saving Alms

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Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that the basic problems arising from money, possessions and wealth had their roots in the heart and its attachments...

A God With Skin

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In Christ humanity is made holy and matter blessed. There is no separation between things that are physical and things that are spiritual...
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