A Voice From The Isles

A Voice From The Isles

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Description: Listen to the weekly sermons and other recorded lectures of Fr. Gregory and stay connected to the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.

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Our Life In Christ

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This Sunday we remember the 630 Holy Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical Council held in Chalcedon, a suburb of Constantinople, in the middle of the fifth century in 451. The preacher today is Fr. Dn. Emmanuel Kahn...

Saving Faith

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Fr. Gregory Hallam says faith is not a matter of conjecture or idle speculation, but rather a dynamic and lived experience!...

Son of God Son of Man

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Who is the Son of Man? Those words, “The Son of Man” are seldom used today; and to find out their meaning we need to look first at the Old Testament...

Sorting Out The Mess

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Fr. Gregory talks about St. Theodore but also goes "off script" to address the canonical anomalies of Orthodoxy related to having one bishop in one city. The attached transcript can be referenced for his thoughts on St. Theodore...

Hitting The Target

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Fr. Gregory Hallam gives the sermon on the Sunday of All Saints...

Unstable Tripods

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Christianity has had its share of sects. Fr. Gregory examines how these sectarian doctrines have made an impact on Western Christian culture...

Being Glorified

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We can each live in the present moment with Christ in the presence of God the Father; and to the extent that we are able to link our lives to the life of Christ, we too will be glorified by God the Father...

Sermon On The Ascension By St. Augustine Of Hippo

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Fr. Gregory Hallam draws on St. Augustine for his sermon on the Ascension...

Light of the World

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Fr. Gregory Hallam gives the sermon on the Sunday of the Blind Man...

The Antiochian Project

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In Antioch Christianity moved beyond its Jewish roots and began to grow up to become the universal church that it is today"open to people of all cultures and all beliefs and all ages to become Christians...

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