A Voice From The Isles

A Voice From The Isles

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Description: Listen to the weekly sermons and other recorded lectures of Fr. Gregory and stay connected to the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.

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Taking Up Our Crosses

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There is a phrase one hears; “It is a cross I have to bear”; which usually means something that causes pain or grief or some sort of problem. Fr. Christopher says that is not quite what Christ meant in today's Gospel...

Finders Lifters

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Fr. Gregory Hallam gives the sermon on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross...

Lord, Order Our Lives

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Fr. Dn. Emmanuel says often God’s purpose is not immediately clear to us in our own lives or in the lives of others. We are aware that God is there"that God is present in our lives and in the world, but what exactly is God’s purpose for us and for the world? How can we order our lives?...

St. Aidan’s Legacy – The Timeless Gospel in Time

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Fr. Gregory talks about the life of St. Aidan, patron saint of St. Aidan's Orthodox Church...

Increase Our Faith

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Fr. Deacon Emmanuel speaks to the adults and Fr. Gregory to the children about faith...

From Sleep To Glory

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Fr. Christopher gives the sermon on the Dormition of the Theotokos...

Getting Out of the Boat

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Fr. Gregory Hallam says we need good spiritual counsel on how the sometimes restless, even frightening, waves of our soul in our innermost life might be calmed by Christ and our faith strengthened by His overcoming of our fears...

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

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The glory of Jesus Christ is known in all its fullness in the resurrection of his complete person; body, mind and spirit. The Transfiguration is a disclosure of both a deified humanity and a glorified Cosmos in advance of the resurrection itself...

After The Fire

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Fr. Gregory gives the sermon on the Feast of the Prophet Elijah...

Our Life In Christ

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This Sunday we remember the 630 Holy Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical Council held in Chalcedon, a suburb of Constantinople, in the middle of the fifth century in 451. The preacher today is Fr. Dn. Emmanuel Kahn...
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