Vocal Vibes Podcast with Cindy O’Neil

Vocal Vibes Nov 2012 edition – Bead Boy builds Belinda’s


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Vocal Vibes Podcast with Cindy O’Neil

Cindy O'Neil

Ontario, Canada

Description: voices, views, variety with Cindy O'Neil

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Vocal Vibes Nov 2012 edition – Bead Boy builds Belinda’s

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my guests; Aidan, Nicole and Brent Craddock


Tiny hands doing big work is the best way to describe Aidan’s project.  In this final segment in my series of  shows about young people doing positive acts I fumble my way through some fiddly hand stuff, and learn how much impact one choice makes.

Many thanks to my sponsor of this edition of Vocal Vibes,  Shelley Duggan Website: http://www.shelleyduggan.com


All the music played on Vocal Vibes is by permission from the artists.

Watt Box – intro and extro music
from Mirage CD by WilliamCarey, 2006

Carey Parder-Accoustic Guitar
Bill Wilton-Accoustic Guitar



Bitter Grasses
from Even Though The Sky Was Falling  CD by Karyn Ellis, 2009

Written by: Karyn Ellis

Produced by Karyn Ellis and Don Kerr
Mixed by Ken Friesen
Mastered by David Travers-Smith



Still Keeping It Yeats
from Mean Every Word  CD, by Pure Joy, 2012

Written by Alex Ricci and Robin Wright

The album was conceived in both Magnetic Sound and the Lion’s Den studios in Guelph ON, recorded and mixed by band members Scott Fitzpatrick and Alex Ricci.



Canadian Heart
from Under Skies  CD, by Hark The Herons, 2010

Written by Kalyn Allan and Glenn Lavender
Produced by Kalyn Allan and Glenn Lavender



HDP15.Thumper 01 - sound bumper
Diger Boing – sound bumper
HauseWerk – sound bumper

Written and Produced by Grant Corriveau



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