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Episode 40 – CAPCPOM


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VG Tribune Roundtable

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Description: A roundtable discussion with contributors discussing the latest in video game news and culture.

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Episode 40 – CAPCPOM

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Jesse and Zack discuss the latest in gaming news.

With the posting of this episode comes the deadline for podcast entries to the Diablo III Beta Key contest.  I'll be e-mailing our two winners chosen at random from valid entries tomorrow and they will have 24 hours to reply to me to receive their code.  If I do not get a reply in 24 hours, I'll go to the third person on the list, etc. until I've given out both codes.

Links to articles referenced in this episode:

  • Valve May be Working on Steam Console
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic for 2012-03-05 “Needs”
  • Capcom Misspell Their Own Name
  • Suit Up For The Trials of War in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
  • New iPad: The Third Generation
  • Obey Gabe Newell. Do It.
  • Lucie Arnaz - Gabe Newell
  • The Queen of Rage - Gabe Newell

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