Voices from the Void

VandVPodcast: Episode 61


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Voices from the Void

Arydanika and Hallan Turren

New Eden

Description: Hosts Arydanika and Hallan Turrek cover current happens in EVE Online.

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VandVPodcast: Episode 61

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This week’s episode features the colorful and dynamic leadership team of Suddenly Spaceships.  The line up includes Buhhdust Princess, the lovable alliance leader, Conmen, conqueror-jester-poet of the universe, and Seldarine, Eve tournament team Captain and darling.  They have also taken third place in Eve Online very first New Eden Open this past Sunday so a big congratulations to them!

As good as these guys are at derailing a conversation, even they must succumb to solid internet spaceship conversation.  We start off with the obvious New Eden Open discussion where CCP Dolan’s deepest secret is revealed.  We then move on to take a close look at the small gang PvP alliance Suddenly Spaceships and answer many questions include who they are, what they do, their PvP philosophies and their amazing new alliance logo.  The fellas even share some of the features they anticipate most in Retribution.

Music provided by selections from the Eve Online Jukebox and Follow the Leader by Chooky.